Has Hoffice Concocted the Perfect Blend of Structure and Comfort?


We recently came across an article about a new entrant into the work at home officing space, Hoffice, which has taken the concept of working at home up a notch and adapted it to a no-charge, peer-based work at home program.

Hoffice, a Stockholm based coworking ‘network’ has built upon the casual atmosphere of ‘home made’ offices by creating a network of home workers who open up their spaces to other workers.

Hoffice adds a layer of structure in the form of strict 45 minute work shifts connected together with 10 minute stretch intermissions. In other words, when you sign up for the Hoffice program you are signing up to a rigorous schedule of work, stretch, work, stretch. All in a comfortable homey environment.

Fish bowl donations

Founded about a year ago by freelancers Christofer Gradin Franzen and Johline Zandra, the idea was to develop a program that would create an environment geared to stimulate productivity.

Research told them that we are most productive in 45 minute blocks. So the team based the program on highly structured work ‘sessions’ of 45 minutes, followed by a 10 minute stretch period and then back into the next 45 minute block.

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As a ‘no charge’ concept — people are encouraged to make donations for coffee, fish bowl style — it seems to be gaining steam among freelancers and entrepreneurs who crave a home office environment but realize they need the stimulation of peer pressure to perform.

The journalist, Agneta Lagercrantz, who originally covered the story of Hoffice, is now apparently one of its greatest supporters and regularly attends Hoffice sessions. Says Lagercrantz: “I think there is an inexpressible sense of community and the joy of getting things done that might not happen at a co-working space or café.”

Hoffice clearly demands cooperation and the right group of people to make it work. It would seem that one weak link could quickly unravel a session.

However, with a super committed group of like-minded professionals, the concept could be exactly what today’s home-based worker is seeking; a cozy home-like atmosphere along with a dash of ‘kick-in-the rear-style’ peer pressure that gets things done.

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