How Safe is Your Social Media Strategy?

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What’s more important – your smartphone or your car?

This was one of the questions put to 2,000 UK-based adults in a survey commissioned by Europasat. While the results are quite an eye-opener from a lifestyle perspective, their findings also present an important warning for the business centre community.

Take social media. Sadly, it’s not uncommon to hear of employees who have lost their jobs over flippant comments made via personal social media accounts. It seems we have become so accustomed to the idea of broadcasting news and opinions with ‘friends’ online, that some individuals forget just how public those channels really are.

This isn’t just a question of employees getting into hot water over comments they made about the boss.

Virtually every business centre and coworking space under the sun now has one or more active social media accounts. It’s perfectly reasonable to encourage your staff to utilise these channels as sales or marketing tools. It’s even acceptable to adjust your professional tone to suit a more informal medium.

The problem comes when users forget they are broadcasting to a potential client base.

This relaxed approach all too easily leads to mistakes, and one of the most common blunders is mixing up a personal account with a corporate one. It’s an incredibly easy mistake to make. In fact, that’s how Chrysler once sent out a tweet complaining that no one in Detroit “knows how to *expletive* drive.”

You might think that the sweet person looking after your social media account would never fall into such a trap. But consider this: according to the Europasat survey, 29% of people believe that their social media platforms give them a mechanic to say things that they wouldn’t usually say in real life.

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Moving onto privacy, when was the last time you checked your corporate social media passwords?

If it’s listed on this collection of top 10 worst passwords, courtesy of ip-Xchange, it’s time for a swift change.

Getting hacked isn’t just embarrassing for your company – it can also be hugely damaging for your brand. Setting up a strong password with a combination of letters, numbers, capitals and special characters is essential.

Take a look at this password advice from GetSafeOnline for useful do’s and don’ts.

The upshot is that all of us – from fresh-faced Gen Z to the veterans of the business centre industry – are becoming increasingly reliant on digital solutions. From social media and online sales to emails and live chat, the arsenal of digital tools at your disposal continues to grow. So it pays to invest in online safety. That includes employee and management training, and specific training or awareness with regard to corporate social media usage.

And in case you were wondering, asked which was more important – smartphone or car – the survey found that more people (42%) voted in favour of their phone than their car (38%).

How watertight is your online brand? Do you invest in social media training, or do you trust your staff to make the right choices? Let us know!

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