Schiavallo+Bene Partner to Bring Innovative Living Office Solutions to Local Markets

Bene - PARCS range

Schiavello, Australia’s largest designer and manufacturer of commercial furniture, today announces an exclusive partnership and collaboration with Bene across Australia and New Zealand.

Bringing Bene’s stand on modern living office concepts and their trademark integration of advanced technological solutions into the workplace, the Schiavello and Bene partnership offers a unique opportunity for the local market to experience a leading range of innovative products.

Bene, a globally active company with presence in 37 countries, brings contemporary design, high quality and integrated technological solutions into the office workplace. Founded in the 1790s as a family carpentry and in 1950 specialized in office furniture, Bene has since then transformed into the undisputed market leader in Austria.

Shaping the brand to what it is today, Bene has continued to evolve and progress as a major market player in Europe with their unique philosophy and definition of ‘an office as a living space’.

Schiavello commits itself in advocating excellence in design, quality and a service- orientated delivery network for the local design and business community. By aligning and positioning with global leaders such as Bene, Schiavello continuously strives to develop collaborative relationships that create a robust synergy through design philosophy and beliefs, and a diverse landscape of products that transforms the workplace.

By applying a design process that brings together the company’s core design principles and engineering with the creativity of international designers, Schiavello is dedicated to transforming the workplace landscape in Australia.

“Bene is considered a global leader in workplace, creating solutions as dynamic as the roles and requirements of the users they support. Schiavello’s market reputation based upon outstanding client service in combination with the quality and innovation of Bene’s solutions will provide a compelling value proposition for our clients across Australia and New Zealand.” says Belinda Joyce, Partnership Manager Schiavello.

Bene is synonymous with innovative office concepts. By integrating products with media integration and advanced technology, products such as Nice Wall and PARCS progressively support physical and remote presentation solutions. Bene’s offering of a complete technology solution endorses true collaboration and idea generation, aiding team productivity and professional presentations across physical and virtual environments.

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Bene’s unique product range is built upon the analogy of an office as an urban landscape with an emphasis on creating environments which support the people who inhabit it. Bene products that carry this unique proposition are DOCKLANDS – a product that provides solutions for temporary periods of concentration, PARCS – a lively, interactive and multi- dimensional product that integrates people, technology, space requirements and media integration, and the management and conferencing programme FILO – a sophisticated design piece, which focuses upon people and their interaction, and intelligent integration of media technology.

Boasting dynamic collaborations with world-renowned designers, Bene’s design partners include London-based PearsonLloyd who designed DOCKLANDS and PARCS, and the multi award winning design practice from Vienna, EOOS, who designed FILO.

With their production centre in Austria, Bene has fine-tuned a system of direct communication with clients in order to respond quickly to market demands. The new partnership will combine the capabilities of both companies with Schiavello’s knowledge, network and expertise in Australia and New Zealand.

“As a trendsetter in the industry, Bene represents constant innovation and premium quality in office design. Therefore, our sales activities are focused on customer groups driven by innovative design solutions. We want to achieve an intelligent market footprint so we have aligned our new sales organisation along our three sales channels – “direct business”, “project business” and “dealer support” – and are concentrating on major international cities.

“Australia and New Zealand are important markets for us. In partnering with Schiavello, we sought a supplier with the integrity, market reputation, and proven service and delivery network to support the sale of our office solutions in the region.” says Michael Fried, Member of Executive Board Bene AG.

To experience Bene at a Schiavello Showroom near you, keep an eye out for your invite to the launch in May.

To learn more about the Bene range now available through Schiavello, visit

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