Three Reasons Your Business Center Should be Using Infographics

Infographic templates (Hubspot)

Business center and coworking space owners and operators are well aware of the challenges of keeping abreast of the competition, both in the physical world and online.

Attracting search engine clicks through creative and exciting content is one way to pull in more traffic, but it takes time and effort and is not always as fruitful as marketers would have you think.

How can you create something visually appealing as well as informative?

As says, “think visual.” Infographics continue to take center stage as a way to attract links and promote social sharing. According to “a well-designed, attractive infographic can open doors that 1,000 guest blog or outreach requests can’t.”

Here are three great reasons to inject your marketing efforts with some color, graphics and information that tells a story and keeps audiences (especially younger workers) engaged.

  • 1. Infographics sell. You can position the most important numbers up front, where they have the most impact. A picture can evoke emotion, motivate and entertain. Instead of text, consider posting infographics on your website.
  • 2. Visual is king to millennials. Younger clients don’t want to read a lot of text, even in bulleted format. An infographic quickly gets their attention and makes your point far more effectively than even the shortest paragraph.
  • 3. Use them as an entertaining way to make a serious point. If you have office rules, or an issue that needs to be addressed, don’t post a lengthy list of regulations on the bulletin board in the break room. Post the information as an infographic and your message will get noticed.

Ideas for infographics in business centers can range from eye-catching personal preference poll results to stats on start-ups and remote working.

For more information and compelling reasons to put infographics on your marketing radar we urge you to read the Searchenginewatch article, complete with samples.

For the infographically-challenged, websites have sprung up offering free tutorials, and marketing resources like HubSpot now offer free templates (pictured) in easily-editable PowerPoint formats.

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So there are no more excuses to procrastinate injecting some life, color and eye-catching numbers into your online marketing strategy.

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