DBH Group Continues Expansion with Takeover of Exact Business Activities in Czech Republic and Slovakia

DBH Group, one of the pre-eminent business providers for small and medium enterprises in Central Eastern Europe, has taken over the activities of its partner, Exact Business Solutions, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

DBH is now the exclusive partner of Exact in five countries, including earlier deployment of services in Hungary, Croatia and Romania.

The goal, according to DBH CEO, Sandor Erdei, is to further solidify their international presence and to continue to grow their reputation as significant business providers of SMEs in central-eastern Europe.

The recent takeover of Exact’s business in Czech Republic and Slovakia certainly is a milestone toward that effort. The most recent expansion was put into effect April 1st and is expected to continue to roll out over the next few months.

The partnership between DBH and Exact has been active for several years. Exact provides a suite of superior software solutions which includes ERP, CRM, HR and financial components. The initial takeover of Exact’s business activities by DBH occurred back in December, 2013 in Hungary, Croatia and Romania and was so successful that the decision was made to further expand the takeover to include the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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DBH IT Services will be in charge of integrating the consultancy and first-line support to customers throughout all five countries, providing high level service for both existing and new clients. DBH brings with it all its local insight and expertise in terms of local and legal requirements in these countries. The second-line support is being managed by Exact Business Solutions in the Netherlands. Sales efforts will be handled locally.

We congratulate DBH Group for its ongoing dedication to providing the highest level of solutions and service and look forward to keeping track of their ongoing progress.

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