INFOGRAPHIC: What You Don’t Know About Beige Could Hurt You

Office colour design

We all know that color is powerful.

When decorating a new home or apartment one is often told to ‘add a splash of color’. Today’s business centers and coworking spaces are full of color, sometimes with color coded offices, or bright accents of color to brighten up a corner or meeting room.

But in most cases the color is infused in an arbitrary manner; no clear strategy is behind the selection of one color over another. We tend to pick colors that go well with other colors or settle for color combinations that are tried and true; earth tones, blues, greens, and so on.

The latest study on color comes from University of Texas and the results may surprise you.

Unlike the traditional red equals passion and pink is soothing, the University of Texas study may have some interior designers and owners of office spaces changing up their color schemes.

Here is a digest of their findings, as per a recent article in Entrepreneur.

  • Green and Blue are the ‘low-wavelength’ colors. They are said to improve one’s ability to focus and concentrate. They are also motivating colors, creating an atmosphere that increases the capacity to complete tasks and assignments.
  • The high-wavelength Red spectrum has been reported to actually increase the heartbeat. It is intense and arousing. Touches of red can help boost that sense of urgency and keep energy levels high. Paint a wall red, however, and you might have a panic attack or two on your hands.
  • Yellow is both energetic and optimistic; inspiring innovation. It is often suggested for artists’ studios or offices where creative workers gather. It is the ‘up’ color that gives us hope and a positive attitude.
  • If there are ‘downer’ colors, according to the study, they would be the beiges and grays. The study “found that bland gray, beige, and white offices induced feelings of sadness and depression, especially in women.” Men, subsequently, had a similar reaction towards purple and orange.

A man depressed by orange? Really?

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How does color impact office productivity? We’ve included an infographic from the Entrepreneur article, provided by Taskworld. How is your business center or coworking space strategically positioned by color? Or is it? If your walls are red, we’d like to know.

Taskworld infographic