New e-Book Examines Emerging Work Models and Office of the Future

Carlos Goncalves

As recently as 5 years ago, the common perception held about serviced office space was that of a traditional office floor build out with a central area, meeting room and multiple offices.

While that model still dominates our industry, as demographics and work/life styles change, so have business centers.

Carlos Goncalves, CEO and Founder of Avila Business Centers and Coworking Spaces in Lisbon, has penned a new ebook on a topic that has been getting more and more attention in mainstream media: alternative office environments and ways of working.

The international e-book “Out of the Office – Love Where You Work” includes case studies from companies including Google, Facebook and Starbuck’s and bills itself as a “Guide for the 21st Century”.

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What is unique about Goncalves’ book is the inclusion of multiple real world case studies. Not content to depend only upon published studies, the book explores several true to life models that have emerged to meet the demand for greater flexibility and use of technology.

As Goncalves himself puts it, “This book comes to question the paradigm of the traditional office as we know it so far. Entrepreneurs and small organizations are following the example of multinationals, which are demonstrating that labour flexibility and new flexible work models, such as Coworking, are essential to their performance.”

A hot topic to be sure. Kudos to Carlos Goncalves for taking it on.

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