Skydiving for a Cause

Circle Offices

As fundraisers go, popular choices include participating in walks and runs and charity entertainment events. How about a skydive for charity?

That’s exactly what one business center is undertaking to support the Institute for Cancer Research.

Hana King, business center manager and the team at UK-based Circle Offices Ltd will be conducting 12,000ft tandem sky dives on June 11th to support cancer research.

Yet, for Circle Offices, there is a personal story behind their efforts as well. The jump is a tribute to several family members who work at Circle Offices. These close relations have either lost their lives to cancer or are currently fighting their own battles. Circle Offices hopes to raise money in their memory as well as for the thousands of others the Institute is helping every day.

Every penny they raise will go to the ICR. As Hana says, “If you would like to help us support this worthy cause or just want to see us screaming for our lives during the 60 second descent to the ground please donate on our just giving page”.

Kudos to the courageous team at Circle Offices. What a great way to contribute to a worthy cause and to let everyone know what Circle Offices stand for.

Donations can be made online here:

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