Lights, Chargers, Action: Smart Desks Trigger Office Revolution

MisterBrightLight smartdesks

Adjustable height desks are the latest innovative craze hitting workspaces worldwide.

Now the Netherlands has raised the bar yet again with a smart light-up desk that comes equipped with smartphone charge points, ‘magic hand’ sensors, room temperature prompts and even feedback on calories burned through standing.

How’s that for a bright idea?

“We want to make work more healthy AND more fun,” said Marcel Demper, founder of MisterBrightLight.

As we’ve learned from MisterBrightLight, these adjustable height desks don’t just look good. They’re smart in every sense of the word – including the technical sense.

Marcel told OfficingToday that his inspiration for launching a range of adjustable height desks comes from wanting to improve the health of nine-to-five office workers. Not just that, but also to ingrain movement into daily office life so it becomes a natural part of working behind a desk – not something workers have to remind themselves to do.

“In our vision we can change the behavior of people, and encourage them to stand up more often, not by telling them it is more healthy but by letting them experience it,” said Marcel.

“Of course there are already adjustable height tables on the market, but in our opinion the ‘fun-factor’ is the missing link. All the extra features we integrated in MisterBrightLight gives users a whole new experience.”

MisterBrightLight - smart desks‘Magic hands’

On the fun factor, desktops can be customised in more than 500 colors to match company branding.

It has a ‘magic hands’ sensor that changes the height of the desk by a wave of the hand. There’s a RGB-LED-controller to adjust desk lighting, colour and brightness; a built-in wireless ‘hotspot’ charger for smartphones; and climate control functionality that gives users real-time details of room temperature, oxygen level and humidity.

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There’s also a smartphone app that allows users to control the height and colour of their desk, and receive feedback including burned calories (through standing). The app also provides stats on working climate, and any pre-set goals you might want to add.

Marcel describes the range as “intelligent and interactive” – something that can help motivate workers to improve their overall health and wellbeing. We can’t argue with that. But is there really a market for it?

“In my opinion, at this point in time, still only the ‘early adopters’ are aware of the effects of sitting too much, especially in Western Europe,” said Marcel. Yet it’s not solely the health aspects that are triggering demand for this unique product – and it has has already led the team to expand its collection.

“After we launched the desk we received various demands for a conference table in the same style. So now we are able to produce MisterBrightLight as a conference table.”


As for demand, Marcel has chalked up interest from a diverse range of companies, both locally and internationally – “small business and multinationals, hotels, conference locations and even nightclubs.”

Office furniture suppliers across the globe are taking flexibility to new levels – and new heights – with an incredibly innovative range of adjustable-height desks and smart furniture collections.

Now this particular range of adjustable-height desk brings smart technology into the office furniture market, and is taking the concept in new directions by tapping into users’ sense of creativity and fun. Because hey, who doesn’t love a swish bit of gadgetry that turns heads and may or may not be ahead of its time?

“I believe that, what we call, the ‘office revolution’ is just beginning,” added Marcel.

The team at MisterBrightLight certainly have a few bright ideas up their sleeve – and we look forward to seeing more of their bright lights and smart gadgets in offices (and nightclubs) in the not too distant future.

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