Live Chat Isn’t Just a Sales Tool

Wenta MIV business support

The popularity of online live chat as a customer service tool is soaring. Research suggests it’s the most popular way to engage Millennials, who are 20% more likely than Baby Boomers to choose live chat when interacting with a brand.

But live chat isn’t just about conversions and sales.

As highlighted by the UK’s Business Centre Association earlier this week, there are untold ways in which flexible workspace operators can branch out and attract new clients – ranging from value-added services to online booking platforms.

One emerging field of opportunity lies in live chat. Wenta Business Centres – a UK workspace operator in renowned for its small business support initiatives – is demonstrating how to add real value to online communication tools like this.

Wenta has just launched a new live chat business advice service, which they are offering to their workspace clients for free.

Unlike standard live chat systems, which are staffed by business centre operators to answer questions relating to workspace products and pricing, this new system is staffed by experienced business mentors to offer general advice on running and growing a business.

The service is part of Wenta’s wider business support scheme, My Incubator Ventures – a website offering access to advice and mentoring for small business owners. MIV works with organisations such as Hertfordshire County Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and Hertfordshire Libraries among others.

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Spencer Tagg, Managing Director of Wenta Business Centres, recognises the value of expert business advice and said that the new service is designed to combat “the limited amount of time that business owners have to seek the support they often need”.

Creating a system by which clients can access unique business advice literally at their fingertips – for free – is undoubtedly a feather in Wenta’s cap, not to mention a valuable tool to aid their clients’ growth plans.

Tagg refers to their services as “far more than just workspace”, and this neatly sums up the support ethos of the business centre and coworking sector.

A place to work is easy to find. But it’s the combination of core and peripheral services that creates real value, and that’s what’s driving the serviced workspace industry to ever greater heights.

Live online portals are just one way to offer value to clients, and if it’s Millennials you’re after, online messaging could be the answer. But there are plenty more opportunities besides, and by putting a new twist on your sales and communication tools – and with the right partnerships in place – your workspace can evolve into an essential one-stop business support system that breeds loyalty among clients, and virtually sells itself.