The Antidote to Open Offices

Yes, there are those who eschew the whole “open floor plan” concept and are happy to rail on about the lack of protection against the elements — human elements in this case.

The latest anti-open office article comes out of Bloomberg Financial Review and provides a list of gadgets to, as they say, “fight back” against open air offices. Some clever technology here, and we thought we’d share some of it. Here’s a breakdown of their list:

BusyLight: Sits on top of your monitor and lets passersby know if you are “busy” or “available”. It is synced to either Skype or MS Lync and changes colors depending on your messaging status. So, if you are showing as “busy” on Skype, as an example, the light will turn red.

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WiredIn: A soon to be released product actually has light up “phrases” such as “tell people to leave me alone”. You can order custom phrases or purchase their pre-loaded phrases such as “go away”, “in the zone” or “wired in”.

Etsy: If you are not ready for high tech solutions, Etsy has plenty of “Do Not Disturb” signs that workers can simply pop up on their desks. Sometimes the low tech way is actually easier.

There may be other technology available; let us know if we missed something. Moreover, if you own and operate a coworking space, take heed. These handy little devices might be a nice amenity to offer to those curmudgeons who like to breathe the open air, but equally enjoy their personal space.

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