Why More Operators Are Opening Their Business Centres to Virtual ‘Tours’

Clarendon Business Centres - Floor 1

You want to convert more enquiries into business centre tours. How can digital marketing help you get there?

One compelling way is to increase the amount of visual content on your website. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to appreciate that the more appealing your business centre looks online, the more likely prospects are to view it in person.

After all, your website is the digital gateway to your office space. Which is probably why more business centre operators are turning to ‘virtual’ tours to help show off and sell their serviced office space.

Back in November 2013, OT reported on ROC’s innovative use of Google Business Photos (now termed ‘Business View’) to offer an interactive virtual office tour of their San Diego business centre.

Another operator offering an interactive virtual tour is Clarendon Business Centres. Operating in the UK’s south east and London, Clarendon recently launched its new London serviced offices at Marble Arch, Upper Berkeley Street. Upon acquisition, the entire space was re-imagined with each floor designed with its own unique theme – Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Air.

So if any business centre deserves the full interactive experience, it’s this one.

Clarendon have just added the Google Business View tour to its Marble Arch landing page, and the results are quite spectacular.

My particular favourite is Floor 6 (Aeris), which resembles a passenger jet with aircraft seats, cabin windows and even a cockpit-style viewpoint at the end of the corridor. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and take a look around.

After a few moments virtually whizzing around the business centre, wouldn’t you feel compelled to book in for a tour?

Clarendon's 6th floor, as seen in a virtual tour via Google Business View

Clarendon’s 6th floor, as seen in a virtual tour via Google Business View


Humans are “visual creatures”

That’s because, as digital marketing experts Hubspot put it, “humans are visual creatures — we tend to gravitate toward content that is pleasing to the eye, and we’re especially drawn to visuals that capture (and keep) our attention.”

Every business worth their salt is online, so striking, interesting and attention-grabbing website visuals are more important than ever. According to Hubspot, 70% of marketers plan to increase their use of visuals in their online content this year.

Their research states:

  • 86% of buyers expressed some level of desire to access interactive/visual content on demand (study by Demand Gen Report);
  • Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets;
  • Photo posts on Facebook brand pages account for 87% of total interactions.

An interactive tour of your business centre is a fantastic asset and probably the closest experience your prospects will get to visiting your space in person, but don’t stop there.

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There are many other ways to improve the experience of your website in the meantime, along with your social media efforts too. Hubspot recommends:

  1. Include high-quality photos and images to attract attention to your content.
  2. Use infographics to visualize a collection of data or information in an easily digestible way.
  3. Use data visualization to present data, information, or concepts in a more compelling way.
  4. Experiment with animated GIFs to delight and inform your audience.
  5. Be smart about formatting to make your content more reader-friendly.
  6. Create graphics to use as social media content.
  7. Bring your content to life with video.
  8. Create SlideShare presentations to tell visual stories.

After all, they don’t say “a picture is worth a thousand words” for nothing.

Find out more about Google Business View here.

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