Microsoft Office 2016: Mobile Working Made Easier

Microsoft Office 2016 went on sale Tuesday September 22, bringing new features and concepts that enable new working and productivity scenarios.

These new changes are great news for remote workers. Some of the updates and features in Office 2016 mean that no matter where you, your supervisor, or your company are, you will be able to work as efficiently and generate results as productively as if you were all in the same place.

One significant action Microsoft did with Office 2016 is partner up with different companies in order to create a cross-platform office suite. With this year’s release, Microsoft Office will not only be available to Windows devices, but also to iPhones, iPads, as well as Android phones and tablets; marking a new era in the office-technology world.

This is big news in and out of itself, but it also has great implications for the flexible workspace industry. One of the new features of Office is its cloud-based system OneDrive, which automatically saves whatever you are working on to the cloud, which, for its own part, can be accessed from any device. In other words, this means you can access the latest version of your documents or presentations from different devices–laptop, mobile, desktop.

Furthermore, Microsoft has created an Office 365 Planner App that allows team members to see tasks and assignments, due dates, and updates. Within this group-work related theme, Office 2016 has the option of ‘co-authoring’ for Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which allows various users to edit the same document at the same time, while keeping track of changes in real time.

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Another new feature is the Skype integration, which allows you to video chat within a Microsoft App; meaning that you can video chat with your coworker while both of you work on the same (or different) document. Hoping to make the experience as user-friendly as possible, Microsoft has also created and implemented the ‘Tell Me’ feature, which is available in all apps, and serves as a user guide to help find the right command or feature.

With some of these changes, it’s easy to see that Microsoft is jumping on board the collaborative and mobile working trend. Technology has enabled us to work anytime, anywhere, which is why it’s important to be able to work efficiently regardless of the device you are using. Companies are constantly innovating so that what you can do on a desktop computer, you can also do on a tablet or phone, and softwares and systems like Office need to keep up with this if they want to remain among the big players out there.