ABCN Welcomes Asian Pacific Serviced Offices as a New Member

Alliance Business Centers Network (ABCN) announced this week that Asian Pacific Serviced Offices (APSO) has joined them as a member.

Offering over 650 office space locations worldwide, ABCN is an intelligent solution for office space providers seeking to expand their services as well as offer them to global customers.

“We want to be able to refer our clients to international locations, as well as have international clients referred to us to have more brand exposure,” says Trevor Vandersluys, ASPO’s Operations Manager when speaking about the decision to join ABCN.

Asian Pacific has plans for national expansion next year. Vandersluys tells OT that a Business Center in Brisbane is in the works, and that their goal is to expand all across Australia by opening several Business Lounges in different areas—the first of which he mentioned will be located in Sydney.

Steve Golding, Executive Director of Alliance for the ASEA region, told OT that, “APSO is at the forefront of the industry as they begin to roll out their Business Lounge solution, which is ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups, or the established road warrior.  A local provider with a global vision, we are pleased to be working with them to help their expansion in the Asia Pacific region”

APSO offers serviced offices, virtual offices, and meeting rooms in Melbourne, Frankston, and Adelaide. Vandersluys commented that they want  their new Business Lounge model to function as a convenient stop-and-go work location.

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With ABCN next to them and with several Business Lounge and Business Center locations set to open, Vandersluys states that, “Asian Pacific expects to gain exposure of their products and brand both globally and nationally.”

“We also want to assist our existing database of clients in expanding their network and for them to have the confidence and guarantee that we will only refer them to international locations with the same outstanding service that we provide for them here.” This is where ABCN comes in.

As for ABCN, they mentioned that “it’s always exciting to see a company that is as well established as Asian Pacific to join Alliance and take a leadership role. Asian Pacific is the perfect example of a company that puts into action the three disciplines of business: hospitality, commercial, and serviced offices.”

According to Frank Cottle, one way APSO is doing this is by leading the industry trend of offering luxury meeting rooms and conference rooms. Asian Pacific’s meeting and conference rooms are equipped with the latest technology, they have the capacity to host up to 50 guests, they can be hired by the hour, day, or week; they offer dynamic open seminar rooms, and much more.

We wish Asian Pacific the best on this new era they are entering and we’ll continue to check up on them and their expansion plans.