Croissant: an App made by Freelancers for Freelancers

Over the years, we have seen various attempts at providing a new and edgy workplace solutions for mobile workers. Despite the rapid growth and continued popularity of coworking spaces, some freelancers remain skeptical about whether this is the right solution for them. The reason behind this is that some workers have a hard time committing to a single location to work from–especially when their work (or their creative minds) require them to go to different places during the day or week–particularly since memberships have a tendency to be pricey.

One company that’s attempting to address this issue is Croissant.

Based in New York City, Croissant is a website and app that allows individuals to become members in order to use different coworking spaces around New York without having to commit to a single one location.

Their theory is that, “work is part of an individual’s lifestyle now, so they don’t just set aside 9-5pm to do work. Work sessions are not always planned, instead, they are much more spontaneous, based on where our members currently are in the city, and what type of vibe they want.”

Which is why their platform allows members to check in at any of their locations without having to book it in advance.

The business model is quite simple. Croissant has partnered up with different coworking spaces, rooftop terraces, art galleries, and office spaces that reserve an agreed-upon number of seats for Croissant members.  

Nisha Garigarn, one of the co-founders, explains that this model can be profitable because, “we have a profit share agreement with the locations; it is profitable for the locations because we fill seats that otherwise would have been left empty, and it is profitable to us because we don’t have to buy or rent any real estate, making us a software solution, allowing us to scale and grow much faster, and partner up with different workspace providers.”

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Currently, Croissant is working with 13 locations, and from what they’ve heard from their members, the #1 reason why they sign up and the #1 perk of the deal is, “the ability to switch up the workspace easily.”

Since their start in July, they’ve seen a constant growth of members, as well as an increase in requests for night and weekend hours–since only two locations offer these currently.

Does this mean flexible workers have found the solution they’ve been looking for? Maybe so for those in NYC, but Croissant is still new to the industry. If they continue to grow and attract a steady number of new members each month, they will also need to act quickly to find new locations without compromising the quality of the spaces they offer.

“We see Croissant as being the lifestyle brand for people who want flexibility in their work and in their life,” Nisha tells us. We’ll check back up with them in a couple of months to see how they’re doing and if their business keeps growing.