In the Loop: A Bot that Schedules Meetings for You, Inspiration from one of the Best Companies to Work at, and Getting the Most from Web Analytics

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Howdy created a bot that can schedule meetings through the professional chat app: Slack. Asides from taking care of what many consider to be a time-consuming and tedious task, Howdy’s bot also provides its users with a dose of humor thanks to its funny responses.

Wonder what really a company be “the best company to work at”? Here’s a video that shows why Google consistently tops lists of best places to work at. Check it out to get inspired…you could end up on the list as well.

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We all know analytics are important, but all sometimes fail in fully understanding how to analyze them and use them to gain insights. Worry not, Harvard Business Review has some tips to make sure we all get the best out of our web analytics.

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