Wun Systems Reforms Shared Workspaces Technology

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WUN Systems

is a pioneering company that provides a premiere integrated IT infrastructure technology platform for shared work spaces.  The concept of co-working or shared office spaces has become a growing trend which faces many challenges for initiating and managing access to cohesive services for tenants.  Proprietors often look to multiple vendors and portals to piece together a service bundle for clients, making the process complicated and cumbersome for both parties. WUN Systems is the answer to the demands facing this new industry and provides an all-inclusive IT Infrastructure wherein internet, voice, data and Wi-Fi services are managed through the turn-key admin software (Client Portal, CRM, Billing, Door Control, etc.).

WUN is the only provider based in North America that strives to fill the gap in the market for a one stop solution to multiple office management and is also the only company worldwide that offers a complete turnkey experience for both managers and end users. Through their ground-breaking proprietary equipment and software, WUN is able to streamline the shared office space experience so clients and managers have full access to all needed services through one feature rich seamless portal.

In the spirit of staying on the forefront of technology, WUN Systems has redesigned their website and just launched the new site as of Midnight, October 8th, 2015.

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“WUN Systems combines all the services necessary for a successful shared work environment into a simple streamlined process.” states Dale Hersowitz, Founder and CEO of WUN “Our goal is not to be a vendor but a technology partner to the businesses we service and support.”

The ability to make integration into a painless and easy process results in exceptional customer service and high end user productivity.  To maintain the flawless experience, WUN provides exceptional nationwide service, 24 hour monitoring with support, on site installation and training and cloud based accessibility from all devices. WUN HD combines the exceptional IT infrastructure and feature-rich admin software to allow the manager and client to have complete control of their environment. WUN HD also includes a full range of onsite support and training resulting in comprehensive process.

WUN Systems was founded in 2008 by visionary Dale Hersowitz who identified a vital need for an integrated system to make shared work spaces a painless and productive environment. WUN has become the forerunner for the co-working and business center industry and is constantly striving to become the vanguard of the industry.

For more information, please visit www.wunsystems.com

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