135 Business Center: Paving the Way for Serviced Offices in Mexico

Back in 2013, 135 Business Center opened the market for serviced offices in the city of Juárez, Mexico. They have come a long way since they opened their doors two short years ago.

Today, 135 is operating a full house and looking to expand their operations nationally and internationally.

Their success in Juarez is admirable, especially considering that when they first opened the city was starting to recover from a devastating security crisis. Sergio Roldán, 135 Business Center’s operator, tells us how they were facing a difficult market.

“There were many empty houses which were being leased as offices at low prices. Our biggest challenge was: How could we market serviced offices–which are more expensive than just office space–in a market that wants to keep a low overhead cost?”

Juárez is a city full of entrepreneurs and startups, and while it’s usually these types of companies and workers who look for serviced offices, Roldán comments that it was a challenge for 135 to win over this market niche since “startups and entrepreneurs don’t always come with the necessary cash to rent an office and start their business.”

As with in any other industry and in any other location, they had to show the market the added value that they offered. “Through social media, advertising, and networking we were able to show the city the advantages that serviced offices have. We offered free meeting room time and day-office try outs so people could experience for themselves why it was worth it.”

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Two years later, Roldán is proud to say that the efforts proved to be successful. “We have a full house and we have a list of clients waiting for an office to become available; our virtual client list also just keeps growing.”

135 Business Center is a pioneer and has paved the way for business centers in the northern region of Mexico.

The city of Juárez is now more open to the idea of fully serviced offices and its advantages.

However, for the 135 team, the success hasn’t been just about themselves and their growth. Their success has also had a significant impact in the city.

“We are located in a good area–unofficially, it is the financial district of the city–but, it is also an older area; we’ve helped by bringing in more people to this historic area that needs revival.”

What started as a 3 person operation is now a 10 person operation that plans to handle more and grow.

At the moment, 135 is in talks with local office space owners to establish an arrangement in which 135 will provide services to and manage these locations.

The success in Juárez has encouraged them to start looking into setting up a business center in Chihuahua city. Roldán and his team believe this location will be fruitful: “our reports indicate that there’s a strong market in Chihuahua.”

Afterwards, 135 hopes to establish itself as an international business by opening a center in El Paso, TX.

We wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors and we’ll stay tuned to see how the plans are coming along.

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