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If a picture is worth 1,000 words…
                                                            How many is a virtual tour worth?

I remember the first time I went apartment hunting. I remember how much I hated it; it felt like a hassle, it was time consuming, and in most cases the descriptions online didn’t match what I saw in person.

Finding the right office is very much like finding the right apartment; to some degree, you gotta see it to believe it.

Truth be told, visiting location after location is exhausting, especially when in some cases the trip wasn’t even worth the time I invested in it. My apartment hunting experience would’ve been much more efficient had landlords taken advantage of some of the technology readily available to them, like 360 degree photography.

The same applies to you as a serviced office provider. You can easily enhance and improve the office hunting experience by adding a virtual tour of your locations to your website.

We spoke with Ashley Thorpe, founder of The Virtual Picture and expert of 360° photography, about how virtual tours can be incorporated to marketing and sales strategies to increase conversion rates.

People looking to rent office space often don’t have the time or the opportunity to visit the locations they are interested in. Having a virtual tour available in your website can convert any website visit into a tour; it will provide users with an accurate description of your space, therefore increasing the chances of closing deals in less time.

“People are starting to realize there is a better way to enjoy and learn certain experiences” Thorpe tells Officing Today.

Though a few years ago creating virtual tours out of 360 degree photos was cost prohibitive due to the amount of time photographers had to invest in each project, today’s new technologies and cameras along with their high-tech capabilities allow for the production time to be reduced without compromising the quality of the work.

Virtual tours are an effective tool to draw users in and maintain their attention, but they’re also a cost-effective and highly efficient marketing tool.

As we all know, social media is a must in today’s marketing world, and users are constantly seeking new and innovative content to view, like, and share. While a picture with a caption gets a decent amount of attention, different content can lead more people to click on your links and engage with your content.

Facebook and Youtube now support 360 degree videos on their platform, making it easier to share your virtual tours on social media, therefore increasing your audience reach exponentially.

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Some companies in our industry have already started showcasing their locations through virtual tours. Thorpe, through Oktra, worked with WeWork to create the virtual tour for Devonshire Square location, and has also worked with The Office Group to create a tour for the Stephen Street location.

So, should you invest in a virtual tour?

We want to say yes. You save time, potential clients save time, you can reach more people, you gain a competitive advantage, and you can show off your space with just one click.

Let your location speak for itself, it’s worth it.


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