A Modern Twist on Hieroglyphics 😜😄

Why business centers and coworking spaces should incorporate emojis into their marketing strategies.

About two weeks ago, Oxford Dictionaries named  “The Face with Tears of Joy” as the word of the year.

As writers, we’re unsure whether we should laugh or cry about this.

Truth is, emojis have become a normal part of today’s communication. They allow us to express ourselves quickly and effectively, and they have the added benefit of not making us worry about typos or autocorrect fails.

On a more serious note, emoji use will keep rising and, like it or not, it’s a trend that’s highly relevant to everyone; providers, consumers, and individuals alike.

Business2Community puts a strong case forward by noting that “attention spans are becoming increasingly limited(…)[and] Emojis are a great way to cut through the noise and communicate a message fast and easily.”

Which is why many big name brands have incorporated the use of emojis to their marketing and content strategies. Domino’s allowed users to order pizza with a pizza emoji, McDonald’s created a billboard out of emojis, and Chevrolet wrote a press release only with emojis, just to name a few.

By naming an emoji the ‘word’ of the year Oxford Dictionaries has made the use of emojis in language official (again).

It’s hieroglyphics with a modern twist.

But why should you include them in your content and marketing strategies?

Well, they’re fun, they get people’s attention, they allow for fast responses since you won’t have to craft correctly-worded content, they’re universal, and they’ll get the message across. If you’re ever in doubt of which emoji to use, fear not, as there’s an emojipedia that can help you figure that out.

Some things to keep in mind….


Keep it simple, don’t over do it

Chevrolet’s emoji press release might be unique–but I’ve yet to figure out exactly what it’s trying to tell me.

Make sure you know the meaning of the emoji you’re sending out

(i.e.) OT is celebrating it’s 12th year anniversary!
Come eat some 
 with us!
You might think you’re inviting someone to eat ice cream to celebrate but, actually, you’re telling them to come eat, well you know…

Do use them to engage people on social media

Ask your followers how they feel about something or their thoughts on an event you’re planning to host; ask them to reply with emojis.

(i.e.) What did you think of our Thanksgiving potluck?

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Use them on your email and newsletter subject line

Some operators are already ahead of us, as they’ve been doing it for some months now. Here’s an example from Next Workspaces:

(I personally like how they liven up my otherwise fairly monochromatic email)

Keep in mind that not all emojis look the same on different softwares and platforms

Such is the case of the ‘Face with Look of Triumph’ (which I personally think looks more like a face of someone being obstinate or throwing a tantrum).


That’s it. Well, at least the basics of it, but with these you’re thumbsup to go to start using emojis.

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