ABCN Continues European Expansion with French Focus

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Following new appointments and an exciting period of expansion for ABCN in Europe this year, Catalina Basaguren – European Regional Manager – has relocated to Paris in order to work more closely with Alliance members.

In September this year, ABCN (Alliance Business Centers Network) announced its European expansion at the hands of Ramon ten Tije – founder of Flexado and newly appointed Executive Director for ABCN in Europe.

ABCN is delighted to report continued growth of the Alliance Network in Europe, which is made possible by the relocation of one of its long-time employees – Catalina Basaguren – who has recently settled in Paris.

Catalina BasagurenEarlier this year, Catalina was promoted to the role of Regional Manager – Europe as part of a drive to work more closely with regional operators and enhance membership value.

Although she was able to do this efficiently from the Alliance offices in Monterrey, a number of opportunities arose that opened a new opportunity for Catalina to relocate to the French capital.

“Slowly everything started falling into place,” she said. “I started working more with centers in Europe and, when Ramon and his team joined Alliance, the Europe network starting gaining momentum.

“For personal reasons I had the opportunity to move to Paris and it all made sense. It just seemed like a wonderful opportunity for me and for the Alliance Network to strengthen its membership in Europe.”

Catalina is currently spending much of her time visiting business centers to create and establish connections with operators. She also visits Ramon and the Flexado team in the Netherlands on a monthly basis to discuss progress and goals.

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“Currently my main objective for Alliance is to build a strong network in Europe. Not only with new members, but also to strengthen our relationship with current members and ensure they are getting the most value out of the Network.”

In addition, Catalina is working to grow awareness of Member centers through increased marketing and sales activity.

“What I love about Alliance is that we are not just online brokers, we offer an actual full membership status that individual centers can use to compete in a globalized industry. A single center owner in a small town or a big city can profit from the benefits of the Alliance Membership, such as referring to another member or receiving leads and clients or even being able to book at any other member location.

“It gives them a fighting chance against larger centers or big corporate companies. It’s something that I honestly believe in.”

On a personal level, Catalina reports that she is settling into the city well and enjoys spending her spare time soaking up the French culture.

“Who wouldn’t want to live in Paris? It is a beautiful history-filled city. So many people here have been very kind and helpful. I’d also like to mention that Buro Club gave me an incredibly warm welcome.

“Personally, moving to Paris was one of the easiest choices I’ve ever had to make.”

Read more about Catalina’s new life in France on the Alliance Virtual blog

Catalina can be contacted on [email protected] or by phone on (949)313-3400 or +33975180020.

Main image: Rob Potvin, StockSnap

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