In the Loop: Beautiful Offices, Regus Under Scrutiny, and the Compensation Effect

Image taken from Ventia’s webiste.

The CMA to Continue its Investigation of Regus + Avanta Merger

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) made a decision following the initial investigation regarding Regus’ acquisition of Avanta. “Following a phase 1 investigation, we found significant overlaps between the merging parties in several areas of central London. Our investigation found that the merging companies competed closely in these areas and that, following Regus’ acquisition of Avanta, there could be insufficient competition in these areas.”

The Compensation Effect — Sad News for Standing Desk Fans

Looks like we can’t really have it all…According to a recent research by Loughborough University, “The more you stand at work, the more likely you are to slouch in a chair as soon as you get home.”

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Beauty can Take You Places: Ventia Wins Award for Beautiful Offices

Ventia, a boutique serviced office provider, won Nectar Business’ “Small Business of the Year Award,” given to the most successful SMEs across the UK. Want to know why Ventia won? Their beautifully designed and decorated offices; though we believe beautiful is not a strong enough adjective to describe the offices. Seriously, you should go check them out. Their Instagram is also pretty amazing. 

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