Introducing our New Managing Editor

For 12 years, OfficingCaptura de pantalla 2015-11-03 a las 11.34.48Today has been reporting serviced office and flexible workspace industry news. Back then, our industry was much smaller and lesser known. Today, serviced offices and flexible workspace are burgeoning, and have become a staple of how people work. Each day, we see more startups, freelancers, contractors, and remote workers, and less full-time contracts. In short, the industry is evolving, tendencies are changing, so we are evolving and we are changing.

Technology has played an important role in this growth and development. Constant technological innovation and evolution have made it easier for people to remain connected without being tied to a single desk. At OT, we strive to keep up with these changes; as we contribute our own innovation and evolution.

One of those changes was my appointment as the new Managing Editor of OT. I jumped on board OT about a month and a half ago, taking up the challenge of fully diving into the industry, delivering quality content that you, our readers, want to read, and ultimately increasing readership to spread the word about our industry.

Recently, we’ve extended our content outside of traditional boundaries; including content we feel will be interesting and useful to the broadening spectrum of our industry. We want to get this right, though; so stand by for a survey, asking you what you’d like to see, what you’d like to stop seeing, and how you’d like us to deliver our newest content to help our industry grow.



Ceci Amador

Managing Editor

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