5 Signs that Clients Might be Getting too Many Calls

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Phone calls have become less popular in the last few years; so drastic is the change that cell phones aren’t even used for their original purpose they were created for, that of talking.

A few weeks ago, we discussed how consumers would rather live chat than talk on the phone to ask questions and solve problems. With texting and live chatting on the rise, the question we’re asking is: When should clients or companies actually receive phone calls?

Most business centers and serviced office operators provide live receptionist and phone answering services; it’s important that when forwarding calls to clients, they receiving only those that they truly need to attend to themselves.

 With this in mind, here are 5 signs that might suggest that clients are receiving more calls than they want to.

 Guest post by Jason Dilworth

Ian Marshall from Office Answers, a virtual receptionist company, has spoken to over a thousand small business owners in the past several years. What he’s discovered is that most of them deal with the issue of needing some respite from phone calls but aren’t large enough to employ receptionists.

 Ian describes 5 common signs of people who are dealing with too many incoming calls.


Do you curse when your office phone rings? This is the first sign something is wrong with your incoming calls. It may be the most important call of the week but the interruptions from too many calls may put you in the wrong frame of mind before you even pick up the handset.


 Can’t remember where you left off with work when the phone rang?

A study by Michigan State University, in which 300 people performed a sequence-based procedure on a computer, found that interruptions of about three seconds doubled the error rate. This study will come as no surprise to those in any kind of business where a couple of hours peace and quiet is essential to get some important work completed and it is the most frequent issue raised by people looking for ways to deal with incoming calls.

 If you can put your phone into Do Not Disturb mode so calls go straight to voicemail without the phone ringing it can help, but it can also lead to sign number 3…

 Missing Calls

Do you struggle to track down missed calls who did not leave a message? You finish a spell of work but when you check messages you notice that someone has called a couple of times and didn’t leave a message.

It’s a reality that people don’t like talking to machines, but rather than just dialling the number back, we suggest you do some investigation to see if you can work out who the caller was before calling back.

Hoping It Will Get Better

You may have good days and bad days for phone interruptions but when you find yourself hoping it will get better and it invariably doesn’t, then desperation might kick in.

 Unwanted Sales Calls

The fifth sign you have a problem with incoming calls is when the proportion of unwanted sales calls is getting really frustrating. The best technique for dealing with persistent callers is to make it clear you want them to mark you as “do not call” on their marketing database.

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A useful exercise to get a better understanding of the scale of the problem is to keep a simple log of your incoming calls during a week. If you make a note of the date, time, duration, and type of call you will have a much better picture of the problem by the end of the week. Only then will you be able to gauge the most appropriate action to take to get on top of the problem.


We know calls are important and necessary in certain situations, but it’s also important to make sure they’re not preventing people from reaching their goals. Calls should be a tool that drives business growth, so it’s important to make sure that your clients feel comfortable with how their calls are being handled.

Each person has different preferences about how to communicate; establishing an exact number for too many calls isn’t possible, as it’s likely that some believe 20 calls are decent, while some believe that 10 is more than enough.

If you’re curious to know how your clients feel about calls share this with them on social media, ask them if these signs sound familiar to them. It’ll help you learn if your business center is still operating in the right direction.


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