Alliance Network: Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities

There are thousands of business centers and flexible workplaces all over the world, offering exemplary support and guidance to their clients. Individually, these centers are the pillars of the business center industry and a shining example of the vital importance and value our sector has to offer.

Many of these operators are part of networks that, together, enable member centers to share knowledge and learn from one another. ABCN is one of those networks. It’s been decades in the making, and offers a support structure not just to member operators but also for the clients of those spaces.

One of the most important elements for clients is their opportunity to utilise other centers in the network through the program known as ‘Alliance Access’. This has become a valuable feature for travelling clients and their staff but also a tool in which member centers can rival larger operators – particularly those large enough to operate their own internal multi-center ‘network’.

As the flexible workspace movement continues to evolve and as more corporate brands look to our industry, the opportunity to bind together becomes mission critical. But how do member centers benefit from being part of the Alliance Network? How does it help them attract clients? And where is the value?

To that end, ABCN is peeling back the layers of member centers to uncover the secrets of their success. First we spoke to Sherif Kamel, CEO of Alliance Business Centers RMEA (Russia, Middle East, and Africa). Sherif is expanding the Alliance brand across RMEA and in so doing, is providing greater strength and value for member centers in the global ABCN network.

Here’s what we learned:


Sherif Kamel, CEO of Alliance Business Centers RMEA

What do you feel are the most valued aspects of your business centers?

The Alliance brand consistency. As we expand in different markets, our clients and community grows and expands with us. Providing them the same sense of brand in other locations gives them the comfort of knowing that they will be well taken care of.

But the main feature that always tops it all is customer service. We care about our team and in return their honest care to our clients is the best return. Once the client feels they are taken care of, they have a sense of belonging.

This is a special signature of any business that goes along with their trademark.

Historically, the RMEA region has been lacking professional flexible workspace. Do you feel that small and aspiring businesses in important markets like Dubai, Doha and Bahrain now have a professional environment in which they can grow?

Of course. In the past 5 to 10 years the competition in business centers and the serviced office industry has doubled, if not more. This industry, in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) has become a main key factor for many if not all SMBs and entrepreneurs.

With many options in the market and service providers that facilitate different styles and choices, small businesses now feel much better represented in an established hub and community that fosters their growth.

The importance of presentation cannot be understated in the Middle East. As we learned more about our client needs and requirements, we created centers that uphold 5 star standards with grand reception entrances, executive business lounges and conference rooms among many other added value experiences.

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Images: Alliance Business Center – Dubai

Is there a high level of demand from clients for your business centres in RMEA?

Our clients are international and their businesses are mobile, therefore, their requirements to reach different and new locations is always high on their to-do-list. The new generation of entrepreneurs are educated and understand the importance of existing internationally. This, to us, is an important part of the Alliance Network.

The first clients in our new centers across the RMEA region are in fact our existing clients. This only proves how important it is, as an operator, to build within your community and assist in your clients’ development to help you grow, too.

Hear more from Sherif and the team in the next installment, coming next week.


Disclaimer: Officing Today’s parent company is the Alliance Business Centers Network

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