The Coworking Phenomena in Latin America

A new way to work that continues to grow and gain new followers

An Urban Station aligned with your needs. That was what motivated Urban Station’s four founders—Juan Pablo Russo, Marcelo Cora, Claudio Bisurgi, and Florencia Faivich—to create this project. Coming from leadership positions in different corporations, their vision was to become the world’s first network for mobile workers and lead the development of the coworking movement in Latin America.

A business venture that unites modern design, every type of office service, a flexible system and the possibility of belonging to a like-minded community: these were all components of the initial setup’s “combo.”

6 Years Later– Urban Station continues to strengthen its leadership position in the Latin American coworking market with plans to continue its expansion in the USA and CANADA. Founded in Buenos Aires in late 2009, the company continues to consolidate its leadership with 10 Latin American locations, including Chile, Colombia and Mexico. With more than 40,000 fans on Facebook, the company has earned significant recognition among the most inspiring Coworking spaces and featured locations in major international media outlets. Urban Station has signed agreements with corporations like Heineken, Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft, among others, for launch events and other activities within a developing market with double-digit growth.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), 12.7% of the adult population between 18 and 64 years in the City of Buenos Aires is engaged in some kind of entrepreneurial activity. The high level of activity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the City of Buenos Aires stands out with “private, public, and academic initiatives for promoting and strengthening the ecosystem” with entrepreneurs motivated by opportunity (only 1.8% are motivated by necessity).

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Urban Station developed a proposal that combines specially designed spaces and services with a physical platform where freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies from different industries can conduct their activities in a flexible manner, concerning themselves only with their work, with the possibility of joining a community charged with entrepreneurial energy in an ecosystem that brings together entities like Endeavor, Tedex, Start Up Chile with entrepreneurs from every sector, multinationals and local companies, transcending borders and strengthening the network.

Fine print that’s big news: Free Saturdays for entrepreneurs; in-house chat to facilitate making contacts; business and social interactions; bicycles for guests’ use at no charge; benefits for freelancers and start ups; health; telephony; and many more services to ensure that they don’t miss being part of a corporation. Whether following the adventures of Pepe Urban, a comic-strip character with a unique voice and interesting stories to share or participating in one of the happy hours, lectures or conferences, they can feel part of something bigger: this is the spirit of URBAN STATION.

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