Virtual Office Company Flexado Builds Foundations for Expansion in 2016

Flexado - Netherlands

Earlier this year, OT reported on ABCN’s expansion with the appointment of Ramon ten Tije, founder of the successful Netherlands-based virtual office provider Flexado. Ramon’s appointment as Executive Director – Europe coincided with a new affiliation between ABCN and Flexado, which expanded the European Alliance network virtually overnight.

The move has benefited Alliance Members in Europe and clients of both Flexado and Alliance Virtual Offices, who now have the advantage of a larger support network and a wider choice of virtual office locations.

And, according to Ramon, the company he founded back in 2010 has enjoyed a significant boost thanks to its new global reach.

The Flexado team“Since day one Flexado has grown every month!” said Ramon, looking back over what has been a successful year for his company. This, he says, has been buoyed by an improved economy in Northern Europe, combined with other factors such as greater awareness of virtual offices.

“More and more companies both large and small are using Flexado. We have also seen a recurrence of certain themes such as global sustainability. All this, combined with the close ties with Alliance, means Flexado has doubled in 2015 in the Netherlands,” he said, adding that the company is also pushing into new locations outside of its native Dutch borders.

“Altogether a very exciting, fun and good year!”

Has joining the ABCN network helped Flexado grow? “Yes, definitely” Ramon replied, explaining that the partnership enabled Flexado to retain its local appeal and the agility of a small team, while offering clients an established international product.

ABCN's Catalina Basaguren in ParisAs for combining his role at Flexado with that of European Executive Director for ABCN, Ramon says he has made “big steps in Europe” and is now meeting new Business Centers and current members on a weekly basis. This is aided by the relocation of his ABCN colleague Catalina Basaguren, European Regional Manager, to France from Monterrey.

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“Catalina is a fountain of knowledge,” said Ramon, who is now able to meet with Catalina in-person on a regular basis to discuss progress and goals. As such, development is faster and Ramon is looking forward to revealing new services next year.

“We have many exciting plans for 2016, one of which will be offering services to Alliance members in multiple languages and currencies.”

As for Flexado, Ramon is looking forward to more big steps in the New Year.

“2016 will be an exciting year for Flexado. In January we will open our services in Belgium in more than 20 locations!” he said. “Soon after Belgium, we will continue to expand in Germany, France and the Scandinavian countries. We will also be expanding our team in Europe.

“So, 2016 will be the year of growth! I’m looking forward to helping even more entrepreneurs with their (flexible) office solutions.”

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