In The Loop: We Company, Coworking In Malls, And Flexible Workspaces In London

According to a London analyst, the flexible workspace market in London is about to face its “difficult teenage years”

WeWork Rebrands to We Company
In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, Adam Neumann, CEO  of WeWork, said that the coworking giant is rebranding to We Company. According to Fast Company, “the new structure is part of Neumann’s heady ambition to push the company’s market and opportunity beyond commercial real estate. Rather than just renting desks, the company aims to encompass all aspects of people’s lives, in both physical and digital worlds.

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Coworking in Malls and other places
According to a recnt report that looks at the Philippines flexible workspace market, “flexible workspace operators should consider expansion in shopping malls, as well as partnerships with hotel operators and worker dormitories to address the growing demand” of the industry.

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The Flexible Workspace Market in London
According to an article published in the Financial News, “the fast-growing market for flexible office space faces ‘difficult teenage years’ that could soon lead to companies going bust,” as competition encourages a race to the bottom on pricing. Industry leaders and experts have been warning of increased competition and M&A activity that will imminently end with winners and losers.

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