In The Loop: WeWork Labs, Brexit, The Blurring Lines Of Flexible Workspaces

UK based companies have started to take up coworking in the hopes of future-proofing their businesses ahead of the UK’s exit from the E.U.

WeWork Labs Embraces Niche
Eater reported this week that coworking giant WeWork is launching a coworking space for food startups. According to the report, WeWork Food Labs will also give $1 million in seed funding to companies as part of its accelerator program. The Food Labs will be located in Chelsea in NYC and although it won’t provide members with access to a commercial kitchen, it will offer a food pantry, R&D space, and merchandising areas.

Brexit Pushes Companies to Take Up Coworking Space
Even though the UK Parliament recently voted delay Britain’s E.U. departure, UK-based companies are nonetheless preparing for what the uncertain future might hold. NewsLetter reported this week that “UK-based companies have begun to take up coworking spaces in Belfast and Dublin to Brexit proof their businesses.”

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Serviced Offices Blur Lines Between Workplace and Hotel
This interesting Financial Times piece argues that the lines between coworking, serviced offices, and hotels have blurred in order to cater to new market needs. According to it, demanding tenants are driving a shift from simple provision of space to service-led model, which has prompted new, more specialized workplace offerings and features like gyms, wellness areas, cultural events, and more.

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