In The Loop: WorkSuites, WeWork, and the Future of Work

During a recent staff meeting, WeWork executives announced that the company is planning further staff reductions by the end of May.

WorkSuites Launches CARES Act Consultancy Service

In an effort to help its workspace members during the COVID-19 pandemic, flexible workspace operator WorkSuites announced that it had launched a CARES Act consultancy service. According to CEO, Flip Howard, 10 members of WorkSuties staff are now CARES Act specialists that have helped over 200+ organizations by answering questions and helping them fill out the necessary forms. 

WeWork to Cut more Staff in May

The Real Deal reported this week that in a recent staff meeting, WeWork’s CEO, Sandeep Mathrani, announced “more staff reductions would be made by the end of May.” According to the report, the company is asking staff to be proactive in helping cut expenses as it struggles to stay afloat. Recently, WeWork received the news that SoftBank was officially retracting its $3 billion tender offer as part of its financial rescue of WeWork.  

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What Will the Work Look like Post COVID-19

A recent article in Forbes explores how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact the future of work and the workplace. “This experience will cause many to rethink, reorganize and reinvent their ‘normal’ workplace for a few reasons,” the article argues. Once lockdowns are lifted, organizations are likely to encourage some workers to continue working remotely, while some workers will actually demand such flexibility. 

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