In The Loop: Serendipity Labs, And The Future Of Flexible Space, And essensys

Flexible workspace demand is expected to grow following the coronavirus pandemic, according to JLL.

Serendipity Labs Sets Eye on the UK

Serendipity Labs announced this week that it has appointed JLL to expand its operations to 20 new locations in the UK over the next two years. According to reports, “the new plans follow an initial launch last year in partnership with Newable to open and operate 25 locations in the UK.” Founded in  2011, Serendipity Labs has a combination  of owned and franchise coworking locations. 

JLL Predicts Flexible Workspace Demand Will Grow

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the growth of the flexible workspace industry. However, this will be short-lived, according to JLL. The company believes that “the disease could be what restarts the sector’s roaring engine.” JLL predicts that organizations will increasingly need access to an agile portfolio, which will include a variety of flexible space options. Additionally, “a mix of traditional and flexible space will be even more important in CRE portfolio strategies in the future, especially as employees will now expect the ability to work at home and be closer to home.”

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Flexible Workspace Technology Provider Expands to Canada

essensys, a technology provider for flexible workspaces, has announced that it will expand its operations into Canada to further accelerate its global reach. The company has appointed Ryan Caldwell as Business Developer Director for Canada. According to the release, “the latest appointment comes shortly after essensys’ recent announcement of its new STEP proposition for landlords. STEP (Software and Technology Enabled Property) enables commercial real estate owners and operators to transition to flexible models more easily to meet the growing occupier demand for agile office solutions.”

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