IWG Plans To Expand Faster Than Ever Before

Companies are embracing the transition to hybrid arrangements as parts of the world slowly begin to reopen. As a result, the idea of returning to the office five days a week will no longer be the mainstay.

According to Wayne Berger, CEO of IWG, The Americas, the company aims to address these changing needs by offering centers “in every place that people want to work and live.”

Although the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards more hybrid arrangements, this does not necessarily mean that workers will be splitting their time between their homes and the main office. 

Instead, Berger says that workers want to work closer to their homes and that he expects leaders to embrace the hub-and-spoke model.

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    Moving forward, IWG is trying to expand its services faster than ever before in the North and South American markets. With demand for flexible office space in the U.S. growing by over 40% this year, the company has plans to open offices in thousands of more locations.

    So far, IWG has expanded into markets such as Brooklyn, Miami, Portland and others as it works to accommodate growing demand. The company also will open a new Spaces location in Bogata, Colombia in one of the city’s shopping malls. 

    “I believe that our best years are ahead of us,” said Berger. “The opportunity in front of us and our company ambitions will be achieved with our franchise partners and our landlord partners combined. They’ll help us grow our network by thousands.” 

    Aayat Ali

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