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Ceci Amador, Senior Associate Editor of Allwork.Space, is based from wherever her laptop is. She enjoys traveling and visiting new flexible workspaces. If you'd like Ceci to check out your workspace, feel free to reach out to her at [email protected] (and send a plane ticket).

In The Loop: Convene, Knotel, And HubbleHQ

This week’s in the loop features stories from Convene, Knotel, and HubbleHQ.

March 28, 2020

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Future Of Work: How The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Accelerating Change

The coronavirus pandemic is temporary, but changes in the way we work will be permanent. Here’s what to expect from the future of work as flexibility takes precedence and tech-powered remote work becomes the new normal.

March 27, 2020

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COVID-19: How To Have The Right Conversation With Your Landlord

Many flexible space operators are now in conversation with their landlords to try and reduce costs over the next few months. In a webinar hosted by GCUC, Giovanni Palavicini, a real estate strategist, shared insights on how flexible workspace operators can approach their landlords.

March 26, 2020

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COVID-19: How Flexible Workspace Operators Are Responding To The Pandemic (Updated)

The WHO has declared the outbreak of COVID-19 as pandemic. Small actions taken individually can go a long way in slowing down the rate of transmission. These best practice tips for shared workspaces can help prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

March 25, 2020

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8 Strategies To Keep Your Mental Health In Check When Working Remotely

The Coronavirus pandemic has sent many office-based workers home. Those who can work remotely are coping with the sudden switch in environment as best they can — but it can be mentally tough. These 8 tips will help make the transition to home-based work a little easier.

March 23, 2020

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In The Loop: WeWork, IWG, And COVID-19

SoftBank may not bailout WeWork, IWG asks for rent-freeze, and some flexible workspace operators may be classed as essential businesses.

March 21, 2020

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Future Of Work: Remote Workers Want Flexibility, Not Complete Autonomy

Contingent workers can fill vital skills gaps, providing companies give them what they want most: flexibility. Allwork.Space spoke with Mike Ryan, Client Strategy Director at CR Worldwide, to learn what companies can do to attract and keep remote talent.

March 20, 2020

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12 Scents That Can Boost Productivity, At Home Or In The Office

Our sense of smell is so powerful that certain scents can actually drive productivity, by helping you feel energized and refreshed. Whether you’re working from home or an office, here are 12 scents that will help you power through your day.

March 19, 2020

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SoftBank May Not Bailout WeWork After All

SoftBank may not buy $3 billion of WeWork shares from existing investors, which could spell trouble for the struggling coworking company.

March 17, 2020

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Workplace Wellness During The COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted all aspects of daily life, including work. For workplaces that remain open, here are some important steps companies and individuals should take to reduce the risk of exposure.

March 16, 2020

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In The Loop: COVID-19, GCUC USA, Mindspace, And The Wing

The coronavirus is impacting the coworking industry, plus other news from Mindspace and The Wing.

March 14, 2020

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GCUC USA Announces New Dates For 2020 Event

This Friday morning, GCUC USA announced the new dates for the event, which will take place in Seattle in the original venue from July 14th to July 17th.

March 13, 2020

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Future Of Work: Three Trends Shaping The Modern Workplace

Most C-level executives believe that working in an office building every day “is quickly going the way of the typewriter”. More outsourcing and contractual work is driving change in the modern workplace, including an increase in remote working and the need for more collaborative spaces.

March 13, 2020

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The Top 6 Challenges Of Coworking Spaces And How To Address Them

A recent survey suggests that almost one quarter of coworking members are less than satisfied with their shared space. Here’s how to improve your space and swing the odds back in your favor.

March 11, 2020

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Future Of Work: How To Build A Data-Driven Company In 5 Steps

New research suggests that between 60 and 73 percent of all enterprise data is never analyzed, which is partly due to data illiteracy. Here’s how organizations can begin to develop data literacy training programs to help workers become more confident analyzing and using data effectively.

February 28, 2020

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