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Coworking firm The Spaces celebrates its 10 year anniversary as it continues to expand

Amsterdam based coworking firm The Spaces has just celebrated its 10-year celebration and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The Spaces opened in October of 2008 by the scenic Herengracht canal after one of the co-founders was approached by strangers seeking rentable desks and areas to network with like-minded people.

After the world-wide economic crash, the founders were at a loss and the future of The Spaces was uncertain. But, in a twisted fate, the recession actually helped the coworking space market as people sought out more flexible, inexpensive offices to work out of.

The Spaces has amenities galore for its members, including fast Wi-Fi, mail handling, 24/7 access, entry to the Business Club, dedicated desks, locally brewed coffee, and more.

Similar to other coworking spaces, The Spaces offers a variety of memberships to cater to each specific client.

A collaborative community has always been top priority of the founders. Networking events and leisurely activities, such as yoga classes, are just a few ways that The Spaces fully immerse their members into each community.

Thanks to their continued success, The Spaces opened another location in Amsterdam’s financial district within the Ernst & Young HQ building.

Since their prosperous presence in The Netherlands, The Spaces began opening more locations in London, New York and Melbourne. Today, they manage 111 different locations and aim to have 250 locations across 150 cities by 2019.

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