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The key factor for boosting wellness in the workplace

Circadian science has become more mainstream thanks to emphasizing the now $4.2 trillion wellness industry.

Workplaces are now adopting new lighting systems to boost company morale and productivity. Keara Fanning, who leads a sustainability practice at JLL, says that humans are evolved to wake up when the sun goes up and sleep at sundown. We are affected when our environment’s lighting does not reflect this pattern.

Now, scientists say that the correlation between a cloudy day and fatigue is not coincidental. Scientists have found that photoreceptors in the eye that help set our circadian clock. These receptors are most sensitive to blue wavelengths of light, which can suppress melatonin, meaning overexposure to blue light can keep us awake at night and help you focus during the day.

Workplaces are attempting to combat this by having thoughtful light fixtures in their design. For example, Arup Group’s Boston office has implemented circadian lighting that changes color temperature throughout the day. It is able to provide natural lighting, as well as warmer colored lights that reduce blue light as the sun goes down.

“A lot of light with significant blue content signals day and less light with diminished blue content signals night – the greater the differential, the easier it is for our bodies to adapt to a 24-hour day-night cycle,” said ays Shruti Koparkar, leader of corporate strategy and development at Ecosense Lighting. “If there is not much difference, the body is confused.”

Technology exists to make implementing proper lighting easier in an office.

Additionally, Mirvac’s WELL Certified Gold headquarters in Sydney is applying an automatic blind system that adjusts as the sun moves throughout the day to support energy efficiency and overall wellness.

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