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Serendipity Labs is bringing something different to the table

Hospitality and coworking spaces work in tandem at Serendipity Labs. Once you enter the door, an experienced coordinator greets guests and creates the feeling of a warm, enticing environment.

Founder and CEO John Arenas believes that today’s workforce has a desire to work when, where and how they want.

Serendipity Labs prioritizes a hospitable experience that is not seen in the crowded coworking market. Jessica Somerville, Director of Business Development, says the company focuses on finding the perfect fit for each unique member and that they are eager to evolve as they continue growing.

Experience coordinators offer concierge services and learn about each person’s needs to ensure they receive the best experience possible.

The Lab Cafe reflects that of a hotel lobby where members can enjoy a cup of coffee and socialize with fellow professionals.

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