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The Impact Of Coronavirus On The Way We Work

The COVID-19 outbreak has undoubtedly transformed the way millions of people are working, but it is expected to have an impact on work long after this pandemic is over.

Coronavirus Will Be Transformative For Office Development

Once the coronavirus outbreak is over and people return to their normal routines, companies will need to reevaluate how their office design can attract and retain talent.

Building A Fully Sustainable Work Environment

Creating a truly sustainable work environment goes beyond the latest technology and architectural features — it starts with how a company’s culture impacts employees.

Why Hackability Is Vital For The Future Of The Workplace

Hackability refers to shapeshifting a workspace with agile furniture to accommodate the workers’ needs, whether that be open areas, private pods, meeting rooms and more.

Creating A Productive Home Work Environment

As companies continue adopting a work-from-home policy, it is vital for remote workers to build an environment that nurtures as much productivity as a physical office.

How Office Design Can Impact Employee Wellness

In order to better support employee wellness, companies need to include a variety of work areas such as collaborative spaces, private offices and more to combat burnout.

Why Creating Efficient Workspaces Is Necessary

Creating an efficient work environment can be accomplished several ways, whether it’s adding art that triggers creativity, or working in a collaborative flexible office.

Workplace Design Is Essential For A Successful Business

Workplace designers are renewing their focus to ensure that workspaces support cognitive and neurodiversity, mental and physical well-being and become more user-centric.

Pods Could Be The Key In Reducing Workplace Stress

Conference rooms are typically used by small groups of people, but acoustic pods can allow companies to cut costs while offering workers access to a more private space.

How Design Is Changing The Future Of Work

Coworking and flexible office demand continues to grow as corporate tenants look for workspaces that provide community, ability to scale, wellness amenities and more.

How To Implement An Effective Open Office

Open plan offices have become popular over the past few years, but business owners need a balance of privacy and collaboration to ensure their workers are productive.

Designing A Comfortable Workplace For All

Work environments can make or break how well employees complete their daily tasks, so it is vital that offices design their spaces to boost productivity and wellbeing.



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