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The Wing Curates Their Workspaces With Women In Mind

Most coworking spaces are designed to suit the needs of men, so The Wing’s all-female design team has ensured that their workspaces are catered to the comfort of women.

Data Analytics Is The Key To Creating A More Connected Workplace

Several companies are adopting data analytics and other technologies, such as AR and the IoT, in order to create a more efficient, connected, and creative workspace.

The Important Of Neurodiversity In The Agile Workplace

While gender and race diversity have been proven to benefit all workplaces, having a variety of professionals with neurological differences may be just as important.

The Wing’s Designers Set Precedent For Female-ran Businesses

Designers Alda Ly and Chiara de Rege have partnered up to create coworking firm The Wing’s unique, distinguishable chic look, while uplifting women-owned businesses.

The Next Step For Companies Utilizing Open Workspaces

As open workspaces become a common staple throughout several companies, implementing movable, flexible furniture and other pieces may take the trend a step further.

Why Choosing Between Open And Closed Spaces Does Not Matter

The ongoing debate of open versus closed workspaces has left organizations wrestling with what works best for their employees, but is it necessary to choose an ultimatum?

Coworking Space Operators are Turning to Wellness to Stand Out

Coworking spaces are changing the way we work, especially in London, one of the highest growth markets for flexible office space in the world.

Tackling Workplace Noise with ‘Pods’

Pods, to a certain extent, have become the cubicles of the 21st century as workers increasingly seek them out for privacy and quietness.

Los Angeles’ Playa District Campus Opens In Partnership With Industrious

EQ Office has announced the completion of the recently $32 million renovated Los Angeles Playa District Campus in partnership with flexible space provider Industrious.

Could Office Design Be Pivoting Towards Privacy?

While offices have favored the open-office concept more in recent years, concerns about the lack of privacy may cause workplaces to pivot towards cubicles once more.

Second Home Aims To Be The Most Family-friendly Workspace In London

Coworking operator Second Home’s new location in London Fields is aiming to become the city’s most family-friendly workspace by incorporating the company’s first nursery.

How Data Can Lead Companies To Perfecting Workplace Accommodations

Design firm Vocon is one of the many companies who have effectively used technology to collect data and improve the layout of workspaces to better accommodate employees.



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