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The Role of Big Data in Workplace Design

The workplace is changing, and companies are starting to bring in arquitectes and using big data in order to drive design decisions for their workplace to truly support the modern workforce generation.

Coworking Firms Use Technology To Boost Productivity For Members

Several coworking operators have started implementing data tracking software technology to better accommodate occupants while boosting productivity in their spaces.

Uncommon Turned to Biophilia for Its Latest Coworking Space in London

Uncommon taps on the growing biophilic trend for its new flagship coworking space in London.

Knotel Delves Into The Subscription Service Market

Coworking firm Knotel is launching Geometry, a subscription rental service for flexible office furniture such as portable phone booths and collapsible meeting rooms.

Established & Sons Work To Blur The Lines Between Work And Home

British brand Established & Sons have introduced four new furniture designs that aim to create a more comfortable workplace, while also being functional to homes.

How Coworking Firms Are Standing Apart From The Competition

While the coworking market has grown saturated, many operators are finding unique ways to stand apart from the competition by providing unexpected services and amenities.

How To Bring WeWork Into Your Office Space

Coworking space design offers a sense of inspiration that is hard to replicate, but WeWork’s designer Ace Houston provides tips to bring its unique look into your office.

Prepping For Workplaces Of The Future

Gone are the days of cubicles and 9 to 5 hours. Now, businesses are expected to maintain a diverse workplace to include flexibility for workers from all generations.

Modern Office Design Is Attempting To Become Home Away From Home

Modern offices have taken note of what keeps people coming back to hotels by offering a relaxing atmosphere and amenities to have a productive and collaborative workday.

My Hustle Brings The Hustle To Local Perth Bars

Founded by Melissa Bowen, My Hustle offers Perth bars a new way to use their spaces during the slow hours of the day — by transforming them into casual coworking spaces.

WeWork Research Reveals Impact In Kansas City

Two years after entering into the Kansas City market, WeWork’s first Global Impact Report revealed its impact on the startup community and entrepreneurs in the area.

What To Expect From The Future Of Workplace Design

Many workplaces have settled into offering flexible options to cater to collaborative and private environments for all workers, but where can office design go from here?



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