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Creating A Healthy, Safe Workspace

Organizations looking to restructure their space should do so with the wellness and safety of employees in mind, and this can be accomplished through strategic planning.

Wellness In The Workplace Is Vital

The health of employees is vital for a successful company, and reconfiguring design to include biophilia, natural lighting and integrating technology could be the key.

Knoll CEO Discusses Preparing For The New Normal

Andrew Cogan, CEO of furniture design specialist Knoll, has provided insight into how businesses can prepare for the new normal of at-home and in-office workplace design.

Desktop Shields, Partitions and Screens: Our Temporary Normal?

With many white-collar workers returning to the office, employers and workspace companies are looking for quick solutions to implement physical distancing protocols.

Cushman’s 6 Feet Office Could Be The Future Of Workspaces

Cushman & Wakefield have been experimenting with their “6 Feet Office” concept in Amsterdam that aims to keep employees safe from the potential spread of the coronavirus.

Architects Must Meet Changing Demands From Companies

The needs of workspaces are not what they were just three months ago, and architects will have to meet the needs of organizations adapting to the new way of working.

Furniture Subscription Firm Sees Boost In Home Office Orders

Fernish, a subscription furniture firm, closed on $15 million in funding despite the economic downturn and has seen a massive increase in sales from home office orders.

The New Health Trend To Emerge In The Workspace

Health and wellness policies that emphasize regular cleaning, air filters, and touch-free technology may be part of the next big trend of health in the workplace.

Company Headquarters Will Be A Thing Of The Past

According to interior designer Sevil Peach, company headquarters and large offices are going to dwindle in size as employees opt to work from home or coworking spaces.

Open And Collaborative Office Plans May Be Reevaluated

Although cubicle-laden offices were thought to have been a thing of the past, recent strict distancing and sanitation practices may bring them back into workspaces.

Will This Be The End Of Open Office Plans?

Open office plans have experienced increasing criticism over the years, so companies need to rethink this model in a way that supports distancing and workers’ health.

Could Coronavirus Change Open Office Plans For Good?

Open office environments have become increasingly popular over the past decade, but current social distancing guidelines are forcing developers to rethink this model.



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