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Boosting Workplace Productivity Through Design

There are many ways for companies to transform workplace design that can boost productivity in employees from all generations, such as vibrant colors and breakout areas.

Biophilic Design Is The Key To Boost Mental And Physical Health

As many people spend more time indoors, biophilic design initiatives have been working to ensure building occupants are maintaining good physical and mental health.

What To Expect From The Future Of Workplace Design

Today’s work atmosphere is one of creativity and flexibility, so we can expect to see more digital natives, open spaces, and coworking implemented into many workplaces.

Former food processing plant in Arkansas gets a makeover

American-based design studio Brand Bureau has renovated an old food processing factory into a venue that features coworking spaces, dining, shuffleboard courts, and more.

Modern office interiors aren’t enough to win over young talent

Cool office interiors are ideal at first glance, but looking into a company’s principles, such as gender equality and flexibility, will be the factors that retain talent.

Office design trends to look out for in 2019

2019 is expected to see a continuation of evolving office design trends, such as the coworking spaces, biophilia, ergonomic furniture, breakout areas, and much more.

Winners of coworking design challenge take simplistic route

Designers from Studio MAS were announced first place winners of Urban Zoo Coworking’s Design Challenge using a simplistic, concise theme for all the company’s spaces.

Space10 calls for the end to open-office plans

The open-office concept was once seen as an innovative design, but is now seen as a distracting layout, which is one of the many reasons why Space10 has gotten rid of it.

Workers see tech as vital to successful work life

Research from Cloud-Booking gives insight into what UK employees prioritize for a successful work day— particularly noting needing more efficient technological resources.

Workplace design’s role in creativity

Many offices still maintain the top-down model, which can hinder productivity. Now, the best way to foster creativity is by having a flexible, well-designed workspace.

Are high-design coworking hotels the next big thing?

While coworking spaces are well-known to be a hub for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups, some hotels have started offering amenities for the on-the-go professional.

JPA Design creates coworking space at DIFC

JPA Design has completed its design for Fintech Hive, a new coworking space at DIFC that is geared towards startups within the financial service and insurance industries.



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