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Transforming Workspace Design For The Future

Traditional cubicles are still undesirable for workers, so companies need to find the best way to design their offices that accommodates the new demands of employees.

The Impact Of Global Crises On Office Design

History has proven that in the face of global crises, society makes a conscious effort to improve how economies are designed to make the world a safe, healthier place.

Creating An Inclusive Office Environment

Hybrid working will be a big part of the future, but offices will look different, so companies need to take into account the needs of employees to maintain efficiency.

The Role Of The Office Is Changing

Offices will serve a new purpose and look much different than they did pre-pandemic, with organizations emphasizing cleanliness, collaboration and digitalization.

What A Well-designed Office Can Do For Businesses

Time and time again, studies have proven that a well-designed workspace that emphasizes the importance of the employee experience leads to increased productivity.

How Design Is Transforming The Workplace

Designers and architects are being forced to reevaluate how to keep the workforce physically and mentally healthy as the threat of COVID-19 continues to loom over.

The Role Of Meetings When Working From Home

Video conferencing tools have become a crucial part of how companies conduct meetings nowadays, but how can leaders keep employees engaged under these circumstances?

Design Studio Creates Adaptable Office

ENORME, a design studio based in Madrid, has revealed its new family office that uses movable partitions and a curtain system to meet the needs of all styles of work.

How The Future Of Work Can Create Equal Opportunities

As the world seemingly enters a new phase of working, the concept of success and the future of work are being reevaluated to become more inclusive and fulfilling.

The Future Of Workplace Design

Despite open office plans becoming one of the more popular designs for forward-thinking companies, the pandemic will likely cause them to reevaluate their design choices.

What A Post-pandemic Office Could Look Like

Architects are beginning to sketch out what the office could look like in the future, and it will likely include distanced workstations, touchless technology and more.

Workers Want To Continue Working From Home

A new report from Cardiff University and the University of Southampton found that the majority of employees want to continue working from home in some form in the future.



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