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Design Experts Share Their Future Of The Workplace Predictions
Design Experts Share Their Future Of The Workplace Predictions

As companies look to bring their employees back into the office, design experts have offered their vision for how the evolved workplace will look like in the future.

Floating Workspace Concept Is As Futuristic As It Gets
Floating Workspace Concept Is As Futuristic As It Gets

Architectural designer Agnieszka Białek has drafted a proposal that features private offices floating on the Vistula River in an effort to combat remote working fatigue.

Making Necessary Sustainable Changes To Office Design

Although sustainability has been part of many company’s initiatives, the furnishing industry’s infrastructure makes it difficult to truly become environmentally friendly.

Office Design To Center Efforts On Health And Wellness

Developers are navigating what the future of the office will look like, and it will most likely focus on touch-free and sanitation technology to keep occupants safe.

Preparing For A More Agile Workplace

The pandemic has forced the office industry to completely rethink how they approach their operations, and at the center of these changes will need to be flexibility.

London Coworking Space Uses Design To Engage Workers

The Office Group has partnered with Note Design Studio to transform London’s 47,000 square foot Douglas House building into a multifaceted coworking space.

Developers Addressing Need For Wellness-focused Design

Over the past year, the priorities of businesses have changed, and with that comes the need for updated office design and amenities that focus on health and wellness.

ROOM And Industrious Partner To Offer Workspace Galleries

ROOM and Industrious have teamed up to offer ROOM’s “Workspace Galleries” across various Industrious locations, providing users with adaptable workspace solutions.

Architects View On The Future Of The Office

As companies weigh out what their next workplace strategy will be, one thing is certain: the office will undergo major changes and never look the way it did pre-pandemic.

Recent Office Transformations Are Here To Stay

Offices have undergone major transformations over the past year, and it is likely that these changes and more will continue to control how these spaces are operated.

London Approves New Office Tower

The City of London Corporation has approved their first tall building this year, a 30-story tower that will feature flexible workspaces for companies large and small.

Why A Healthy Workplace Is Crucial For The Future

The office isn’t going anywhere, but if business leaders want to bring workers back in, they will need to make major changes to office design to prioritize wellness.



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