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The Keys To Transitioning Into The Virtual Workforce

People everywhere have joined the virtual workforce and it is vital for these workers to use the right technology, establish a routine and meet their own social needs.

How Culture Can Impact Fast-growing Startups

In a world where “us” versus “them” is all too common, startups that do not focus on a healthy workplace culture can quickly turn into the “them” of their industry.

Experts Believe Flexible Workspace Demand Will Withstand COVID-19

The coronavirus will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the flexible office industry for now, but industry experts believe that demand will thrive beyond this crisis.

How Coworking Operators Are Retaining Clients

Coworking firms all over the world are finding ways to keep clients on board during the coronavirus lockdown by waiving membership fees and offering discounts on rent.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Coworking Sector

It is no surprise that community-driven coworking spaces are taking a hit due to the coronavirus outbreak, but operators are optimistic about the future of the industry.

Could The Fall Of WeWork Be Approaching

WeWork has hit a roadblock on its path to redemption after SoftBank walked back on a $3 billion offer to buy back stake from the company, putting the firm in jeopardy.

Will Remote Working Stick After The Coronavirus Era?

While remote working options have been mostly reserved for highly paid white-collar professionals in the past, this may change after the coronavirus pandemic has ended.

Industrious Layoffs Impact Design, Real Estate And Finance Staffers

Industrious announced 90 of its workers have been laid off, senior executives will be taking pay cuts and current staff will have reduced hours to cut back on payroll.

Keeping Coworking Communities Close During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has cleared out coworking spaces all over the world, and now more than ever, it is essential to keep these communities connected with each other.

Remote Working May Become A Bigger Part Of Our Future

Remote working is new to many workers today, but its ability to improve business and employee productivity could give companies who embrace it an advantage in the future.

Coliving Providers Have Faith In The Industry’s Future

Coliving providers are confident that the industry will have a successful future, but they expect to hit some short-term hardships due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

What To Expect From The Future Of Work After Coronavirus

The future of work appears closer than ever as millions of people transition into remote working, but without the right tools in place, companies could struggle to adapt.



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