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Hana Enters First Owner-branded Agreement

Hana has partnered up with The Connell Company to operate and manage Round Table Studios, a new 40,000 square foot shared workspace in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.

Location’s Role In The Future Of Work

Corporations have historically been hesitant about adopting flexible work policies, but the pandemic may change the course of how these businesses operate in the future.

Flexible Office Agency Directors To Part Ways

Directors of flexible workspace agency Green Kinnear Real EState have announced that they are parting ways to start their own endeavors after 7 years of partnership.

The Impact Of Wellness On The Economy

A report from the Asian Development Bank has found that in order for a region’s economy to recover, governments and businesses need to emphasize health and wellness.

Hotels’ Role In The Future Of The Workplace

Many remote workers have grown tired of their home offices, so hotel companies have started offering their rooms as day offices so workers can get a chance of scenery.

The Executive Centre To Expand In India

Flexible workspace operator The Executive Centre has revealed that it will add five new locations across India as it prepares for an increased demand in flexible offices.

Survey Reveals A Dip In Productivity From Remote Workers

Architect and design firm Vocon’s recent survey has revealed that, after six months of working remotely, productivity is starting to take a hit for fatigued employees.

Opportunities Arising For The Coworking Industry

Despite facing short-term obstacles over the past several months, the coworking industry is expected to make a big comeback as companies opt for more flexibility.

Adjusting Company Policy For A Hybrid Work Arrangement

For companies who are moving forward with a hybrid working arrangement, there will need to be changes to current policies to support both in-person and remote workers.

The Office Is Not Going Anywhere

Although many companies have embraced remote working practices at present, it’s evident that physical offices will play an essential role in operations in the future.

The Digitization Of The Office

Office building owners have the opportunity to upgrade their spaces to become more digitally integrated, improve the employee experience and prepare them for the future.

Addressing Concerns About Returning To The Office

There is much anxiety about returning to the workplace in the midst of a pandemic, and it is up to business leaders to implement safety procedures to keep employees safe.



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