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The Distributed Workforce Is Changing How Companies Are Modeled

Distributed companies are organizations that don’t have a physical central location, which allows its employees to work from any place in the world on their own schedule.

Manhattan’s Flex Space Market Has Tripled In The Past Five Years

A CBRE report found that Manhattan’s flex office footprint has tripled to 15 million square feet as it maintains the title of largest flex office market in the country.

Which Coworking Operators Are Likely To Weather A Recession?

As the coworking model becomes more of a staple in the office market, competing operators must find the offerings that can keep them afloat during an economic downturn.

CBRE Report Reveals Flex Space Could Take Up 13% By 2030

A CBRE report shows that flex space could represent nearly 600 million square feet of office supply by 2030, leading to traditional offices converting to flexible spaces.

Landlords Should Be Cautious With When Dealing With Coworking Firms

While Chicago’s coworking and real estate markets have been on the rise, depending on financially weak coworking operators such as WeWork may put landlords at risk.

Could An Unsuccessful WeWork IPO End The Unicorn Era?

Unicorns fueled by overzealous venture capitalists continue to fuel the tech sector, but a failed WeWork initial public offering could put an end to the unicorn era.

IWG Maintains Top Dog Status As WeWork Fumbles

IWG shares have added over $500 million to CEO Mark Dixon’s net worth as the firm continues to prove time and time again why it is more sustainable than its rival WeWork.

WeWork’s Valuation Continues To Dwindle Down

Reports have revealed that WeWork’s IPO valuation could drop below $15 billion from its original $47 billion as the firm attempts to do damage control on its S-1 filing.

New Report Reveals UK Flexible Workspaces Are Continuing to Flourish

A new report from Cushman & Wakefield has revealed that flexible workspaces in Central London are expected to exceed over 2 million square feet by the end of the year.

CommonGrounds Aims To Become One Of The Largest Operators In The U.S.

CommonGrounds Workplace recently raised $40 million from investors that will go towards its national expansion plan to have a footprint of 2 million square feet.

What The Future Of WeWork Could Mean For Other Unicorns

Venture capitalists eager to throw huge sums of money at private companies losses may want to rethink their strategy in light of WeWork and SoftBank’s IPO conundrum.

The Wing Announces New Members-only Networking Platform

Female-focused coworking firm The Wing has announced it will launch a LinkedIn-esque app that allows women to network with each other, but only if they are members.



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