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How To Implement Digital Nomads In A Company’s Operations

More companies are realizing the benefits that digital nomadism can have on their productivity with the rise of the gig economy, but it is not one size fits all solution.

Data Analytics Is The Key To Creating A More Connected Workplace

Several companies are adopting data analytics and other technologies, such as AR and the IoT, in order to create a more efficient, connected, and creative workspace.

London Flexible Office Software Firm Optimistic After Trading Update

London-based flexible workspace software company Essensys announced its revenues rose by 23% after its initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange in May 2019.

How Yardi Approaches The Immensely Growing Coworking Market

Software company Yardi has become a staple provider of software for coworking companies and has perfected its role in the constantly evolving flexible workspace industry.

5G Devices Expected To Further Transform The Workforce

This year’s Flex Summit hosted Samsung Electronics executive Taher Behbehani, who believes the future of the workforce sits in the hands of 5G-enabled technology.

Technology Continues To Push Demand For Flexible Workspaces

Technology continues to fuel organizations to adopt flexible workspaces due to firms reevaluating the best way to operate offices and what is best for their employees.

WeWork Continues Acquiring Spree Ahead Of Its IPO

Reports have revealed that WeWork is in talks to acquire SpaceIQ, a real-estate management software company, ahead of its highly anticipated initial public offering.

How Companies Are Embracing The Next Technological Revolution

International Workplace Group (IWG) has its sights set on opening over 100 new locations across Australia over the course of five years through franchise agreements.

Proptech Will Be The Tipping Point For The Real Estate Industry

Before the Proptech boom, the real estate sector struggled to keep up with technological advancements of other industries despite being the largest industry out there.

Common Desk To Launch Mobile App Across Texas Locations

Common Desk has revealed it will roll out its mobile app Ellum, which provides members access to onsite services and amenities, across its Texas locations this year.

How Leaders Can Embrace The Future Of The Workplace

The future of the workplace heavily relies on how companies adopt and utilize technological advancements, but it is up to leaders to guide businesses down the right path.

The Positive Impact Of Technology In The Workplace

While technological advancements in the workplace can seem daunting, they are actually having a positive impact by boosting productivity, diversity, and collaboration.



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