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How Technology Is Impacting The Way We Work

The possibility of technology taking over jobs might seem scary, but it actually offers people a chance to expand their knowledge and work alongside these innovations.

The Role AI Plays In The Evolving Workplace

Artificial intelligence, alongside other emerging technologies, have transformed and improved the way in which companies interact with their customers and employees.

How Collaborative Tools Simplify Remote Workforces

Companies across the spectrum have started adopting a remote workforce, and thanks to technological advancements, managing these teams has become more efficient.

The Tools Needed To Protect Remote Workers’ Data

Remote workers are a large portion of the workforce and are at risk of security breaches, meaning companies need to be vigilant in keeping their private networks safe.

How Technology Will Shape The Workforce In 2020

Workplaces in 2020 are expected to undergo even more technological transformations than ever before thanks to artificial intelligence, flexible working and more.

Urban Tech Is The Future

Technology has become increasingly more integrated in how cities operate, and investments into urban technology companies have skyrocketed over the past few years.

Preparing For The Future Of Automated Work

Technology now has the ability to complete repetitive jobs, so in order to keep up with automation, companies should help workers improve and develop their skills.

Technology’s Role In The Future Of Work

As we approach a new year, technology implementation is expected to take on a vital role in the way workplaces are planned, operated and how employees complete tasks.

Tech Investments Into CRE Is Having A Moment

While fintech is the most popular sector for tech investments, the commercial real estate market is experiencing investment growth that is expected to continue in 2020.

Talent Marketplace Firm Raises $25 Million In Funding

Gloat, a New York-based talent marketplace company, has raised $25 million in a Series B funding round that will go towards expansion and enhancing its HR technology.

Human Resource Tech Trends For 2020

In 2020, human resource professionals should expect to adopt technologies to combat upcoming challenges they may face, like enhanced transparency and attracting talent.

Keeping Workers Connected In The Age Of Isolation

As technology continues to play a huge role in the workplace, it is important for organizations to find ways to keep their workers engaged, productive and communicating.



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