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Reflecting On The Best Ways Companies Operate

Over the past several months, companies have had to completely reevaluate and restrategize their normal operations, but what does that mean for the future of work?

Technology Company Leasing Drops

Despite a new report from CBRE revealing that technology company leasing and renewals dropped by 46%, it is expected to recover at a slow pace in the coming months.

Keeping A Remote Work Environment Secure

As companies have transitioned to remote working arrangements, some have dealt with cybersecurity threats due to home offices not being equipped with the right tools.

Keeping Up With The Future Of Work

Companies that do not create strategies to upskill their employees and incorporate the necessary technology risk falling behind when preparing for the future of work.

The Role Of CIOs In The Future Of The Workplace

Companies have become much more digitally-fluent in the past few months as many workers transition to work-from-home arrangements, and CIOs play a big part in this shift.

Adapting To The Future Of Work

Companies that have struggled to transition to remote working arrangements need to ensure that both employers and employees are equipped with the proper technology.

Technology For The Future Of Offices

Technology will be necessary for organizations looking to create a work environment that emphasizes the health, hygiene and safety of their employees moving forward.

Adapting To The Digitization Of The Workplace

Several companies have seamlessly adjusted to remote working arrangements, but none of this could be done without the help of new digital and technological resources.

Addressing Cybersecurity Threats For Remote Workforces

While companies simultaneously made the move to remote working, cybersecurity attacks have increased, which is why plans should be in place that address these issues.

Employees Are Readily Embracing Remote Work

A report from software company Citrix has revealed that employees are keen on adopting remote working, but also want the resources necessary to maintain productivity.

Working From Home Requires The Necessary Tools

Companies are contemplating adopting remote working arrangements in the long-term, but this cannot be properly executed without the right technology and tools in place.

Smart Buildings Will Shape The Future Of Work

As the commercial real estate industry creates plans to keep occupants healthy in their buildings, investing in smart technology may be the most effective first step.



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