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Spreading The Tech Industry To Every Corner Of New York City

New York’s Silicon Alley has inked a deal to build a 21-story hybrid workspace called NYC Tech Hub that will include an office and incubator as other boroughs look on.

How VR and AR Could Change The Workplace Landscape

Technology has shifted how many companies operate. In particular, virtual and augmented reality can potentially make collaboration easier, as well as boost productivity.

PropTech Continues To Solve Common Real Estate Woes

Proptech’s major emergence has made issues in the real estate industry easier to solve, such as finding the best coworking space or simply putting in a repair request.

Taking A Step Back From Technology To Improve Mental And Physical Health

Digital nomad culture is a staple in the workforce thanks to its convenience, but being in front of screens all day can cause a sense of isolation and hurt our health.

How to Use Technology for a Better Work-life Balance

We often associate technology with being more productive in the workplace, but it also helps with work-related stress through collaboration, remote, and mindfulness tools.

WeWork continues down its data tracking path

WeWork has acquired Euclid, a company that uses WiFi to track the movements of a person within a space, in its aim to observe how members intend to utilize its spaces.

How to choose the perfect coworking management software

When opening up a coworking space, it’s vital to have the right management software package that helps run the office smoothly, so how do you choose the perfect software?

How can technology play a role in workplace collaboration?

As remote working and collaboration become a staple of many workplaces, technology is playing a bigger role in properly promoting efficient collaboration and productivity.

Workers see tech as vital to successful work life

Research from Cloud-Booking gives insight into what UK employees prioritize for a successful work day— particularly noting needing more efficient technological resources.

HoloLens 2 aims its target at a new audience

Microsoft’s latest version of HoloLens 2, an AR and VR headset, has pivoted away from the general public and focused its energies into transforming workplace operations.

Real estate tech investments taking a tumble

Although startup and investor confidence is at an all-time high, CREtech found that real estate tech company investments dropped by 23% last year in comparison to 2017.

Technology within the workplace still has a ways to go

While digital and mobile tech seem to be an established part of most workplaces, a recent study reveals that some workers struggle to implement it into their regimen.



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