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Technology Will Shape The Workplace Indefinitely

As workers all over the world have become accustomed to using technology, this digitalization will undoubtedly have a huge impact on how we work now and in the future.

Remote Work Has Enhanced Digital Transformation

Thanks to massive data collection from collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack, remote working technologies will undergo big transformations over the next few years.

An All-in-one System For The Remote Workforce

Dropbox has launched a platform that aims to combine collaborative resources, as well as communication tools, to better support the transformation of the workforce.

Employers Risk Breach of Trust by Monitoring Remote Workers’ Computers

The pandemic has caused a sudden work from home ‘experiment’ which, in many cases, is proving successful for organizations.

Report Reveals Global Mobility Response

A report titled ‘Now, Next, and Beyond: Global Mobility’s response to COVID-19’ revealed companies ill-prepared for the crisis will have to make big changes to catch up.

Voice Technology Will Play A Huge Role In The Workplace

As companies prepare to welcome workers back into the office, voice and contactless technology will be a necessity to emphasize new health and safety standards.

How Tech Companies Are Adapting Their Workforce

Major tech companies, including Facebook and Twitter, have announced their commitment to remote working arrangements in order to keep their employees safe and healthy.

AR And VR Are The Future Of Work According To Facebook

Facebook has revealed that it is developing augmented and virtual reality capabilities that aim to transform the way professionals communicate and work together.

Technology Is Necessary For The Future Of Work

Companies who adopt technology can help fuel their business continuity, as well as nurture communication, collaboration and other needs during an economic downturn.

Competition Between Video Conferencing Resources Has Exploded

Zoom’s massive rise in popularity has kicked off tight competition between companies like Microsoft and Cisco that offer their own video conferencing resources.

Technology Is Essential For The Real Estate Industry

The implementation of technology, whether it’s predictive algorithms or augmented and virtual reality, is key for the real estate industry to be efficient as possible.

How AR Can Impact The Future Of Work

Augmented reality has the ability to significantly impact the way we communicate and work with our colleagues as the workforce becomes more distributed and flexible.



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