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The workplace evolution is happening

2019 is anticipated to bring major changes to how workplaces function, including the hiring process for younger generations, design elements and technological amenities.

What can we expect from the future of the workplace?

Technological growth and flexible working are evolving the future of work, but gender pay imbalance and exclusive educational tools can hurt workplaces going forward.

Going green without spending green

While reconstructing an entire space to meet LEED standards can be quite expensive, buildings can take other measures to go green without spending hardly a dime.

How WeWork establishes a workspace community

WeWork is no doubt the biggest name in the coworking industry. By offering a unique, all-inclusive community, the company has set itself apart from its competition.

WeWork’s first acquisition of the year

WeWork has acquired data platform company Euclid that gives them the ability to sell software to companies who wish to WeWork-ify their own offices without a membership.

Making an IT team as efficient as possible

In order for a digital workplace to become successful and efficient, IT departments need to provide a better, hands-on user experience to help the company and themselves.

Companies need to catch up with the times

As technology becomes vital in how a workplace functions, companies are adopting operating models that allow for better communication methods and a more flexible workday.

Is there a formula to the perfect workplace?

Salesforce, which was named the #1 World’s Best Workplace by Fortune, gives businesses insight into the formula that can help other them be a successful workplace.

What can we expect from technology in the workplace?

As technology becomes a permanent structure in the workplace, offices are adopting the latest trends to be efficient as possible, while attracting and retaining talent.

What are the standards for “smart buildings”?

More and more, buildings are implementing smart technology in order to become smart buildings that promote productivity, efficiency and the well-being of occupiers.

Technology-driven workplaces are coming to the forefront

Organizations are realizing the implementation of technology can allow for smooth every day operations and allows them to collect data to improve their infrastructure.

Digital workplace integration is inevitable looking into 2019

A digital workplace is inevitable and necessary looking forward. AI, mobile communication, and more are vital for any organization looking to grow in 2019 and beyond.



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