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Sustainability in the workplace is at the forefront of office design

Today’s workforce require a healthy work environment to reach full productivity every day. Building directors

Marcin Wilinski discusses the importance of human interaction in a technology-heavy world

Although technology makes life easier and more efficient, it’s lack of balance with human interaction in the workplace can be very damaging, according to Marcin Wilinski.

VTS announces a new online marketplace for landlords and brokers

Commercial real estate asset management platform VTS has announced a brand new marketplace where landlords can run leasing processes, tenants can search spaces, and more.

WeWork and Amazon have pressed the pause button on partnership

WeWork and Amazon have paused their partnership to introduce Alexa for Business, an app focused tailored to the business market rather than home consumers.

Studies show only a quarter of SMEs are prepared for costs in cloud spending

Many SMEs are concerned about costs of cloud spending and only one in five respondents feel prepared for technological advancements, such as BYOD, in their workplaces.

Self-awareness could be hurting every day work productivity

Lack of self-awareness in the workplace can hurt productivity and work relationships. Studies show 10-15% of people are self-aware and technology may to blame.

Digital Workplace Providers in Brazil Supporting Shift to ‘Omnipresent Workplaces’

In an effort to become even more flexible and collaborative, enterprises are seeking to offer “omnipresent workplaces” that allows employees…



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