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The Major Role AR And VR Will Play In The Workplace

The workforce has become increasingly more flexible and remote, and in order to keep employees connected and engaged, companies should look into adopting AR and VR.

Smoothly Transitioning To New Technologies In The Workplace

Technology is constantly evolving, so to implement new systems that supports both employees and customers, businesses need to keep in mind what is most valuable to them.

Businesses Falling Behind On Technology Offerings

Research from technology company Lenovo has revealed that small and medium-sized businesses are falling short of offering modern technology, leaving workers unsatisfied.

Finding A Healthy Balance Between Employees And Technology

Technology integration in the workplace has helped make completing tasks more efficient, but has also played a major role in the mistreatment and inequity of employees.

Technology Trends To Expect In The New Year

DXC Technology revealed technology trends that will impact the workforce include AI, a shift in IT, data ecosystems, nurturing teams and a change in business leaders.

Eden Raises $25 Million To Fund Its Expansion

Eden, a workplace management platform, has raised $25 million in a Series B funding round that will go towards building up its team for global expansion and SaaS tools.

Why Digital Ecosystems Are The Next Frontier

As the 2010s come to a close, the state of digital workplaces have officially hit the ceiling and now, digital ecosystems are what organizations should be striving for.

Meeting The Technological Expectations Of Employees

As technology continues to transform workplaces, organizations must ensure that they are meeting the demand and expectations of employees in order to empower them.

How Technology Become Adam Neumann’s Achilles Heel

Many signs pointed to Adam Neumann to stepping down as WeWork’s CEO, but the company’s stretch to appear like a technology company may have been the breaking point.

Yardi’s Software Products Are Beneficial To The Real Estate Industry

Yardi, a real estate technology firm, is using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to change how the shared workspace and real estate industries operate.

The Wing Announces New Members-only Networking Platform

Female-focused coworking firm The Wing has announced it will launch a LinkedIn-esque app that allows women to network with each other, but only if they are members.

JLL Spark Invests In Its First India-based Coworking Platform

JLL’s venture capital arm JLL Spark made its first India-focused investment into one of the area’s largest coworking digital platforms, Qdesq, for an undisclosed amount.



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