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Proptech’s Role In Combating Viral Outbreaks

Businesses should look into adopting proptech to prevent the spread of deadly viruses through the use of non-contact thermometers, voice controlled spaces and more.

Will Virtual Reality Be The Next Big Collaborative Tool?

While remote workers have happily flocked to remote collaboration tools like Zoom, virtual reality startups have yet to be readily adopted by these workers — for now.

The Necessity of A Digital Workplace

The implementation of technology has led workplaces to become more optimized and efficient, but how can companies utilize these advancements to their full potential?

How AI Could Impact Commercial Real Estate

According to a report from the Brookings Institute, 36 million jobs in the U.S. are at risk of being replaced by AI which could be risky for office building investors.

Flexible Working Is A Necessity For Today’s Workforce

Today’s workers want the ability to work wherever, whenever, so it is vital for companies to adopt technological tools needed to manage and support a flexible workforce.

How All Employees Can Comfortably Use Technology

Workplace technology is necessary, but it can be difficult for older workers to understand these tools and it’s up to managers to make sure they are properly trained.

Using Technology To Create An Efficient Coworking Space

Implementing the right technology in a coworking space can make or break a company, so firms should include security cameras, communication and event management tools.

Wonolo Offers Flexible Workforce The Chance At Livable Wages

Wonolo has revealed its new platform Wonolo Up that provides the flexible workforce an opportunity to work jobs paying a livable wage and earn paid flex time off.

Technology Hubs Are Growing All Over The U.S.

When picturing technology hubs, the Bay Area and Boston come to mind, but cities across the U.S. are propping themselves up as affordable alternatives to these areas.

How IT Teams Can Keep Up With Technology Innovation

As advancements in technology continue to ramp up, IT teams struggling to keep up with the massive bouts of data need to focus on implementing automation and upskilling.

Tech in the Workplace is Falling Below Expectations

Research by Workthere has found that while technology is ranked as a crucial factor for flexible office workers, only 62% are satisfied with the current technology in their flexible office space.

How Companies Should Transition To The Collaboration Age

Workplaces are moving on from the information age to the collaboration age and companies looking to stay ahead of the trend need the right technological tools to do so.



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