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How Technology Could Improve Workplace Culture

With millions of employees working from home, reliance on technology has been crucial to operations, but these advancements could also benefit the employee experience.

How AI Could Hinder Workplace Performance

The Trades Union Congress’ new taskforce is looking into the role that AI plays in workplace management, and how it could be leading to unfair treatment of workers.

Maintaining The Security Of A Distributed Workforce

According to a new report from Forrester Research, companies adopting flexible work arrangements will need to invest on improving their cyber security practices.

Tech And AI To Play A Major Role In The Future Of Work

What does the future of work look like? A survey of C-Suite leaders reveals great expectations of a tech-driven, AI-assisted world.

Technology’s Vital Role In The Future Of Work

Advancements in technology have long been predicted to shape the future of the workplace, and now more than ever, companies are having to heavily rely on these tools.

The Impact of Digitization On The IT Industry

IDC has revealed its predictions for the IT industry for 2021, and it largely focuses on the implementation of digitalization and how it will impact workplace operations.

How AI Could Create More Job Opportunities

Despite the common misconception that AI will take our jobs, the use of this technology could actually help create more jobs and prepare people for the future of work.

Automation’s Major Role In The Workplace

It should come as no surprise that companies are adopting new technologies en masse, and automation in particular will play a significant role in how businesses operate.

Wi-Fi 6 To Transform Workplace Connectivity

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest advancement in technology that aims to speed up network connectivity by up to four times normal speed, which will transform workplace operations

Virtual Coworking Is On The Rise

For those who have trouble concentrating while working from home, virtual coworking provides community, while allowing professionals to work side-by-side over Zoom.

Digital Surveillance On Remote Workers Grows

Digital surveillance has become an unfortunate outcome of the recent mass transition to remote working positions. Many remote workers have…

The Role Of Technology In The Future Of Work

Companies are relying on technology now more than ever as millions of people continue to work from home, but these tools go beyond video conferencing software.



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