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Communo uses coworking to transform the agency model

Ryan Gill, co-founder of progressive agency Cult Collective, has put a twist on the agency model with Communo, a combination of coworking spaces and membership community.

How to keep up with marketing trends

The media and marketing industries are constantly changing, so it is important for companies to keep up with and execute effective marketing strategies looking into 2019.

The next obvious step for WeWork

WeWork is launching its own cafe and marketplace in New York’s Flatiron neighborhood under the company’s Made by We retail sector.

WeWork burrowing into yet another sector of the market

WeWork recently announced a partnership with LIKEtoKNOW.it, the online influencer retail app, in its latest of many retail ventures.

WeWork to rebrand as The We Company

In the wake of a discouraging SoftBank investment round, WeWork is rebranding as The We Company, that will consist of three branches: WeWork, WeLive, and WeGrow.

Customer experience professionals share their New Year’s Resolutions

Customer experience (CX) professionals are seeking out new ways to create a solid understanding and innovative approach to customer experience for all parties involved.

Alan Philips turns career experiences into worldwide brands

Alan Philips, Author of The Age of Ideas, has taken his experiences as WeWork’s SVP and a curator of a pop-up restaurant venture to pave a fulfilling career path.

Staples Canada to offer in store coworking space

Staples Studio is the office supplier’s entrance into the coworking market, starting with their Kirkland, Quebec store as well as plans for a downtown Toronto location.

Many marketers are adopting coworking culture

At the beginning of 2018, 47.2% of marketers found flexible working vital, but that number will grow to 90.1% by the end of the year and is expected to continue growing.



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