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WeWork Hits The Brakes On China Expansion

After its failed initial public offering and resignation of Adam Neumann as CEO, WeWork will reportedly halt its expansion in China, the company’s third largest market.

How UK Landlords Can Benefit From Flex Space

An Avison Young report revealed that landlords are still being cautious of leasing space to coworking operators, but could potentially benefit from this growing sector.

SoftBank And JPMorgan Teaming Up To Save WeWork

JPMorgan Chase and SoftBank are expected to partner up to build a refinancing package for WeWork as the coworking firm will likely run out of money by mid-November.

Goldman Sachs Reveals WeWork Losses For Third Quarter

Stephen Scherr, CFO of Goldman Sachs, announced that the bank lost about $80 million on its stake into WeWork during the third quarter, but could still make money on it.

WeWork’s Next Obstacle: Formaldehyde-riddled Phone Booths

WeWork has identified 1,600 phone booths across its U.S. and Canada operations that had elevated levels of formaldehyde and took 700 more out of service for more testing.

Only JPMorgan Can Fill WeWork’s $47 Billion Hole

JPMorgan Chase is expected to report its earnings this week, and many will be looking into how WeWork has impacted the bank and whether it can save it from bankruptcy.

How To Offset The Downsides Of Being A Digital Nomad

Working as a digital nomad is a one-of-a-kind experience, but it can have its difficult times if one does not embrace the cloud, make friends and take time for yourself.

Working Dads Want A Better Balance Of Work And Family

A survey of parents from across the UK by workingdads and workingmums found that men want more flexibility in the workplace to boost their mental health and family lives.

WeWork’s Massive Layoffs To Take Place This Week

Reports revealed that WeWork will let go of 2,000 of its 15,000 employees as early as this week, and some staff expressed the belief that the layoffs won’t stop there.

How To Determine Whether Coworking Is Right For You

Coworking has quickly made its way into the mainstream and can be a great fit for organizations of all sizes depending on a firm’s risk tolerance, cost and cash flow.

Creating A Family-like Work Environment

To create a healthy, family-like work environment, employers should exercise empathy, establish rules and values, as well as effectively communicate with workers.

Workers Value The Basics In Their Workplace

A study from Workthere asked workers what their most valuable workplace features are, and how satisfied they were with their current workplace’s offering of the feature.



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