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Cubicles are back with a vengeance

While the open office concept still seems fresh, many employees have shown distaste for the distracting floor plans, leading to the creation of portable cubicle offices.

What can we expect from the future of the workplace?

Technological growth and flexible working are evolving the future of work, but gender pay imbalance and exclusive educational tools can hurt workplaces going forward.

Women are creating their own ways of working

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, women have begun creating female-centric workspaces where they can be productive, creative and collaborate without distractions.

What to expect from the commercial market in 2019

2018 was a tumultuous year for New York’s office market, with leasing activity hitting its highest total since 2000 and real estate fundraising slightly slowing down.

Remote working is taking over

Open office plans were once believed to increase collaboration in the workplace, but many employees have shown dissatisfaction with the model and favored working remotely.

How can co-living benefit real estate developers?

Co-living is the residential equivalent to coworking that allows residents to have private bedrooms, but share kitchens and communal spaces at a much lower cost.

Going green without spending green

While reconstructing an entire space to meet LEED standards can be quite expensive, buildings can take other measures to go green without spending hardly a dime.

How WeWork establishes a workspace community

WeWork is no doubt the biggest name in the coworking industry. By offering a unique, all-inclusive community, the company has set itself apart from its competition.

Australia evolving flexible office market

As flexible office space growth continues to outpace traditional offices, Australia’s market is growing to accommodate startups, entrepreneurs and even large corporations.

Barclays and Avenue HQ partner up for new city center

Bank company Barclays has partnered up with flexible workspace operator Avenue HQ to launch its business hub in Leeds that will include coworking, mentoring, and more.

The We Company locks in its new headquarters

In October 2017, WeWork Property Advisors announced it would be buying the iconic Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue building. Now, the company has finally closed on its purchase.

Knotel continues its Manhattan expansion

Coworking operator Knotel has signed another Manhattan deal— this time taking over 39,000 square feet across five floors in United Group’s Midtown offices.



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