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Addressing Concerns About Returning To The Office

There is much anxiety about returning to the workplace in the midst of a pandemic, and it is up to business leaders to implement safety procedures to keep employees safe.

Why Virtual Communication Is Essential For Business Longevity

Companies have adopted virtual communication tools for the first time over the past several months, and using these tools could indicate big changes for the workplace.

WeWork’s Next Move

Despite its downfalls over the past year or so, WeWork is reconfiguring its options to better accommodate the evolving needs of businesses in a post-pandemic society.

The Long-term Impact On The Future Of Offices

It is no surprise that the pandemic has caused short-term changes in how we work, but companies should prepare and adapt to the long-lasting impact that is expected.

The Evolution Of Meetings

Companies have widely adopted virtual tools to conduct meetings over the past few months, and this transition is likely to have a lasting impact on the future of meetings.

How Freelancers Can Thrive In Remote Positions

Remote freelancers have grown exponentially over the past few years, but this can come the cons of working remotely, such as isolation and other mental health issues.

Cushman & Wakefield Teams Up With Industrious

Industrious and Cushman & Wakefield are partnering up to provide more flexible workspaces for employees looking for a workplace outside of large office environments.

Will WeWork Seize New Opportunities?

As companies begin to bring their employees back into the physical office, part of their post-pandemic work strategies should be the adoption of flexible workspaces.

How Remote Working Can Hurt Work Culture

As millions of workers transition to remote working, many are suffering from a lack of resources within their homes which highlights the inequality of this arrangement.

Reskilling The Workforce Goes Beyond Technology

Companies have reskilled their employees to keep them up-to-date with new technologies, but soft skills like creativity and emotional intelligence are just as important.

What To Expect From Workplaces Of The Future

Companies have had the chance to see what aspects of remote working best suits their needs, and many of those changes could stay after workers come back to the office.

Creating A Truly Beneficial Wellness Program

For many companies, wellness programs mean a discounted gym membership and healthy food offerings, but businesses need to do more to support an employee’s entire life.



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