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Marcin Wilinski discusses the importance of human interaction in a technology-heavy world

Although technology makes life easier and more efficient, it’s lack of balance with human interaction in the workplace can be very damaging, according to Marcin Wilinski.

VTS announces a new online marketplace for landlords and brokers

Commercial real estate asset management platform VTS has announced a brand new marketplace where landlords can run leasing processes, tenants can search spaces, and more.

Firmspace merges coworking spaces with the luxury of privacy

Coworking space operator Firmspace has opened up a new location in Denver. The firm emphasizes designs their locations with privacy and open communication in mind.

The Detroit Parent Collective combines the benefits coworking with the comfort of childcare services

Krista McClure opened The Detroit Parent Collective in October 2017 that caters to working families, offering typical coworking amenities as well as child care services.

WeWork and Meridian partner to buy Dupont Circle building

WeWork and Meridian have partnered up to buy an office building at Dupont Circle, marking the coworking company’s first purchased building in the Washington D.C. area.

Cundall has opened the doors of its new WELL registered office in Dubai

Cundall committed to designing their new office in Dubai with the health and well-being of its members in mind.

Coworking firm The Spaces celebrates its 10 year anniversary as it continues to expand

Amsterdam based coworking operator The Spaces has expanded beyond The Netherlands and hopes to open 250 locations throughout 150 by the end of 2019.

Co-founder and CEO of Blitz describes how workplace design impacts employees

Melissa Hanley is the co-founder and CEO of Blitz, a San Francisco-based interior design and architecture firm. She, like many…

Innov8 founder hopes to continue opening community-oriented coworking spaces

Innov8 founder and CEO Ritesh Malik is taking his personal experiences as an entrepreneur and investor, and turning them into efficient and welcoming coworking spaces.

Singapore’s office market is growing steadily

Some areas of Singapore’s property market are hurting, but their office market is blossoming with an 18% growth over six quarters that is expected to continue into 2020.

The biophilic approach in offices is guaranteed to reduce stress

More employers are taking the biophilic approach when designing offices. Introducing greenery into the workplace is proven to improve the overall health of employees.

Coworking spaces in hotels could be the next trend in office spaces

AccorHotels and Nextdoor have begun a partnership to open coworking hotels with the hopes of combining the hospitality of hotels with the benefits of coworking spaces.



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