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Remote Work Has Enhanced Digital Transformation

Thanks to massive data collection from collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack, remote working technologies will undergo big transformations over the next few years.

Leasing Activity For 2021 Looking Optimistic

A new report from Colliers Research has found that up to 40% of commercial space occupiers will lease new space, indicating a promising future for leasing activity.

The New Way Of Working

Companies all over the world have had to take the lessons they have learned over the last few months, and apply them in order to create the ideal work environment.

Remote Working Is King, But Offices Are Still Valuable

Accenture CEO Julie Sweet discusses the changes her company and clients have had to make in order to meet the needs of workers to create a truly flexible workforce.

Nudges Could Make Workplace Choices Healthier

The nudge theory aims to make healthy choices in the workplace easier by making better choices the default option and using timed reminders to encourage healthy habits.

Building An Efficient Flexible Work Culture

Companies that shifted to a flexible workplace over the past few months still have a chance to create a culture that encourages workers to be productive and successful.

WeWork Closing Its First Location

Coworking company WeWork will close its first-ever location in New York City at the end of July as it attempts to build a path to profitability over the next few months.

Factors Guaranteed To Shape Offices Spaces

JLL has indicated four key factors that will impact how offices operate in the future, including flexibility, office design, technology implementation and commuting.

An All-in-one System For The Remote Workforce

Dropbox has launched a platform that aims to combine collaborative resources, as well as communication tools, to better support the transformation of the workforce.

Flexible Office Firms Discover New Ways To Service Customers

As many companies continue to operate with a remote workforce, flexible office providers are offering creative new services to attract new and existing customers.

Lessons Learned From The Largest Remote Working Experiment

Companies transitioning back into the workplace need to take the lessons learned from the world’s largest work-from-home experiment and apply them to the office today.

Despite More Flexibility, Offices Will Maintain Their Size

A Cushman & Wakefield report has revealed that while flexibility and remote working policies are here to stay, offices will maintain their size to accommodate distancing.



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