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How Jobs And Skills Are Adapting To The Future

The World Economic Forum has published “The Future of Jobs Report 2020” offering insight into the future of workplace operations, technology integration and job creation.

Unilever To Launch Four-day Work Week Experiment

Next week, consumer goods company Unilever will begin a year-long experiment in which 81 of its New Zealand employees will be able to work only four days a week.

What To Expect From Remote Working Policies

Vaccines are ready to go in many parts of the world, and the next step is navigating workplace strategies and whether companies will continue to operate remotely.

Office Real Estate Is Evolving

Remote working has recently become the preferred working arrangement for millions of workers, and with this will come major changes to office real estate.

What To Expect From The Future Of Work Next Year

The future of work has been altered due to the pandemic with companies looking to adopt more flexibility, upgrade their technology and nurture the wellbeing of employees.

Long-term Leases Taking A Hit Due To COVID-19

Even when coworking was at its peak, tenants and landlords in New York City expressed wanting long-term leases for the security, but the pandemic has changed all that.

How AI Could Hinder Workplace Performance

The Trades Union Congress’ new taskforce is looking into the role that AI plays in workplace management, and how it could be leading to unfair treatment of workers.

Agility Will Be Essential To The Future Of Work

Companies who are weighing out their workplace options are increasingly looking towards a hybrid work arrangement to meet the varying needs of their employees.

Why Are Women Leaving The Workforce?

Working mothers have long faced the challenge of balancing work responsibilities and parental duties, but this issue is being magnified due to the ongoing pandemic.

Offices Will Look Vastly Different In The Future

Despite vacancies and subleases for office space growing, experts are still optimistic about the future of the industry, even if it takes a few years to fully rebound.

It May Take Years For The Office Market To Rebound

As office vacancies continue to grow across the country, building owners and companies are struggling to decide what role the physical workplace will play in the future.

Savills India Anticipates Drop In Coworking Leases

As demand for flexible workspaces dwindles, Savills India expects coworking leases to drop 58% year-on-year as the pandemic continues to impede on the industry’s growth.



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