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Banks Feeling The Impact Of WeWork’s Flop

Several banks who own stakes in WeWork, such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, are expected to report investment losses in their third-quarter results coming out this week.

WeWork Scrambling To Stay Afloat Through The Winter

Reports have revealed that the We Company may not have enough operating capital to make it through November, and its lenders are quickly trying to put together a bailout.

SoftBank Throws The We Company A Lifeline

SoftBank has put together a bid that would allow the Japanese conglomerate to take control of the We Company in an attempt to save its investments into the coworking firm.

Adam Neumann Is No Longer A Billionaire

After failing to complete WeWork’s IPO and being forced to resign as CEO, Adam Neumann has lost his billionaire status and is now estimated to be worth $600 million.

WeWork Scrounges For Change In New Proptech Investment

WeWork took part in a $4.6 million venture round for commercial real estate startup company Jones, despite the news that it could run out of money as soon as next spring.

WeWork Could Go Broke If It Does Not Raise More Capital

WeWork India is seeking $200 million in new funding, while the We Company is looking to secure a $3 billion debt package with JPMorgan and another billion from Softbank.

Why Today’s Workforce Flocks To Coworking Spaces

Millennials and Gen Z have been the biggest proponents of coworking spaces as these offices tend to value work-life balance, flexibility and collaborative opportunities.

WeWork’s India And China Sectors Could Be In Trouble

After the We Company’s disappointing effort to go public, its China and India subsidiaries may feel the negative impact as investors distance themselves from the firm.

WeWork Could Leave Its Landlords Hanging Out To Dry

After WeWork delayed its initial public offering, the company is looking to recuperate through layoffs, changing corporate governance and abandoning some of its leases.

Why Office Design Is A Vital Component For Productivity

Design firm Gensler used its tools to build out a space for FastForward U, an innovation hub, that fosters collaboration, innovation, creativity and a sense of self.

WeWork India Turns To New Investors For Funding

After talks for fresh funding with ICICI Bank fell apart, WeWork India hopes to raise $200 million from other investors in equity or through a mix of debt and equity.

Why Corporates Are Jumping On The Coworking Bandwagon

Coworking is no longer synonymous with freelancers and startups — now, corporations like Microsoft and Uber are taking advantage of coworking’s flexible arrangements.



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