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Allwork.Space is a leading industry news source and the world's largest commission-free flexible workspace directory.
The world is full of amazing flexible workspaces. From community-rich coworking spaces and meeting venues to maker spaces and smart serviced offices, today's business owners have never had it so good.

How do you find all these innovative spaces? Right here, on the Allwork.Space Directory.

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It's cost effective:

Pay a flat fee of just $10 per month to list your workspace. That's it. Allwork.Space is a broker-free zone, which means you won't pay commission on any new deals.

You are the focus:

Allwork.Space is a platform to promote YOU, your brand and your culture. We publish your address, contact details, business name and website URL, so clients come to you direct.

High SEO value:

Allwork.Space is a respected brand, a leading industry news source and the world's largest commission-free workspace directory. Gain high SEO value by publishing your website URL on your directory listing.

Worldwide exposure:

Allwork.Space receives hundreds of thousands of pageviews per year, and we're still growing. For instance, we grew by nearly 200% in just 9 months from September 2015 to June 2016.

Do good:

Have you heard about All Good Work? Our non-profit foundation donates unused workspace to eligible non-profits and charities, and measures the "Good" our industry provides to the world. Find out more here.

Get social:

Allwork.Space has thousands of followers and fans on social media. We want to connect with you, promote you on our website and spread the word on social media. So be sure to interact with us to share the love.

Easy, flexible terms:

Just like the industry we serve, the Allwork.Space Directory is centered on flexibility. Once you list your space, you'll pay just $10 per workspace on a rolling monthly basis that you can cancel anytime. It's that simple.

About Allwork.Space

Allwork.Space is, as the name suggests, a platform dedicated to all workspaces. It's a leading industry news platform and resource, it's a community of like-minded workspace operators, and it's the world's largest commission-free flexible workspace directory. It also has its own non-profit foundation - All Good Work - that's dedicated to donating spare workspace to good causes and charities.

While the Allwork.Space brand is new, the site has been around in other incarnations (namely, OfficingToday) for around 12 years. The site already generates hundreds of thousands of pageviews per year. We expect that to keep growing, especially as we continue to widen the scope and depth of our content. From property management to search engine optimization, from Australia to Canada, from creating revenue to crafting community, we cover it all.

Over the past decade our focus has been confined to the nuts and bolts of the flexible office industry. Until recently, that meant serviced offices and business centers. But today the world of flexible workspace is a very different place -- it's where business leaders and game-changers come to collaborate, share knowledge and innovate. Serviced offices and business centers are still an important part of this world, but the flexible workspace family has evolved. It's bigger, it's more diverse, and it's reaching further than ever before. It's a pretty exciting place to be.

We plan on our directory being the largest online platform of flexible workspace centers in the world. Why? Because there are so many reasons to join. It's commission-free, it's totally transparent, we publish your contact details and your website address, we send all leads direct to you, and much more. The real question is, why wouldn't you list your space?

Once you join the Allwork.Space directory, you also become eligible to donate workspace through our non-profit arm, All Good Work. When you participate in All Good Work, your center, and your Residents (those organizations who use your donated space) can benefit from it too. We will be working with our Patrons, Hosts (you), and Residents to track and report on the value of the "Good" we do, leveraging the UN 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, both on an aggregate level and on an individual level. And we will promote it like crazy. Because we want people to know the good that the flexible workspace industry is doing.

What's more, even if you don't have spare space to donate right now, you're still doing good. That's because Allwork.Space donates up to 50% ($5 out of every $10 listing) to All Good Work, so local charities can continue to benefit from your involvement, indirectly.

So, are you ready to join the revolution?

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