WeWork is gearing up for a big push into retail: sources

It looks like this is only the beginning for WeWork, as more branching out and expanding appears on the horizon.
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Several sources told The Real Deal that work on retail concepts gained momentum over the past six months and is shaping up to be a priority for the firm. What WeWork’s retail business could look. Read more...

SoulCycle’s co-founder takes a big new job at WeWork

SoulCycle's Julie Rice is WeWorks new Chief Brand Officer.
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She plans to focus on building a sense of community at the company..... Read more...

WeWork leads $32M investment in ladies-only coworking space the Wing

Did a bell rang? Because WeWork just got its Wing.
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Cash-rich WeWork is making a strategic investment in the Wing, a high-end ladies-only coworking space, leading a $32 million round of funding. Jen Berrent, WeWork COO, says she first learned. Read more...

Zego picks up £6M Series A led by Balderton for its gig economy worker insurance

Is pay as you go insurance the solution for the gig economy conundrum? At least, it is definitely a step in the right direction.
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Zego, the London-based startup that appears to have spotted a gaping insurance hole in the so-called gig economy, has raised £6 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Balderton Capital,. Read more...

Afghanistan's Hipsters Have Found Themselves A Pocket Of Calm

"Obscured by car bombs and a resurgent Taliban, a surprisingly resilient hipster scene has emerged in Kabul."
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“When we come back from the office we can get together here,” said Liza Noori, a 20-year-old who works as a secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It is a. Read more...

Taking stress out of dealing with troublesome meeting-room technology


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The demand for high-quality, well equipped meeting space has become a key priority, Kevin Moore, MD Eurotek offers tips on achieving the right audio visual package. Why is it that, too often,. Read more...

This Startup Is Bringing the Gig Economy to Health Care With Virtual Doctor Visits

Certainly a step in the right direction to solve the medical personnel shortage.
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....

Uber hits new speed bump in United Kingdom

The London court decision to treat Uber drivers as workers raises questions about the future of work and contingent labor.
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The Employment Appeal Tribunal upheld a lower panel’s decision, agreeing that the two drivers in this case were “workers” under British law and therefore should receive the minimum wage and. Read more...

Female VCs fight gender gap via 'Office Hours' mentoring program

Women helping women on the way to more female-friendly workspaces and startup culture.
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Over the past few months, a group of female venture capitalists have been getting together to figure out what they can do to coach and support female founders in Silicon Valley. The idea came during. Read more...

bjarke ingels group plans 'conscious and entrepreneurial' school in new york

A closer look into WeWork's latest venture, WeGrow, ambitious organic design.
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natural materials have been paired with neutral colors     ‘we hope to reimagine the very idea of a classroom as elementary school-age children begin to identify their callings and apprentice. Read more...

WeWork Creative Director: Workplace Design and Employee Experience One and the Same

Great interview with WeWork's Creative Director Devin Vermeulen on workspace design.
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Devin Vermeulen, creative director of co-working space provider WeWork, speaks to Business.com about the impact of office design on employees, the future of workspace layout and more. The design of. Read more...

Ex-Google exec Matt Dunne has a plan to create a string of tech hubs across rural America

A true bridge between tech and rural America.
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It’s no secret that while Silicon Valley is gaining jobs, rural America is losing them. A September report from the Economic Innovation Group found that nearly 90 percent of the ZIP codes in. Read more...

Does WeWork's Valuation Signal a Coming Tech Bubble?

Only time will tell, and it looks like we won't have to wait too long.
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The formula for a company’s value is based on both a company’s revenue and its revenue growth potential, which is expressed in multiples of current revenue. For tech companies, the multiple is 20. Read more...

A Bunch of Chinese Investors Lost Their Shirts On A Brazen Coworking-Space Scam And Now JPMorgan Chase Is ...

Bar Works: A cautionary tale.
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The beer-and-coworking gambit ran briefly, but in April of this year the company imploded and stopped paying investors. CEO Jonathan Black was totally fictitious, evidently an invention of a Brit. Read more...

Women are dropping $3055 and waiting on an 8000-person list to join an exclusive, no-men-allowed club based in ...

This is a huge trend, and like that waiting list, it is only going to grow.
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The Wing is a women-only coworking space and club with two locations in New York City. Its newest location, in New York City’s SoHo neighbourhood, provides its members with desks, a beauty room,. Read more...

How Uber's 'Invisible' Workforce Could Affect Your Taxes

Understanding the implications of the gig economy may be harder than it looks
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The “gig economy” is hardly new, but there's still a yawning gap between the attention it receives and our understanding of how it is—or isn't—altering the nature of work in. Read more...

Cairo Hackerspace: Entering The Urbantech Community

Hacking a community in Cairo.
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Prior to 2009, Cairo’s hacking community was unheard of – that is, until Cairo Hackerspace was formed. It is with this approach to hacking that the hackerspace is slowly creating a hacking. Read more...

WeWork Founder Hopes Her New School Will Help 5-Year-Olds Pursue Their Life's Purpose

WeWork brings disruption into the classroom with their latest venture, WeGrow.
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When she and her husband Adam Neumann, WeWork's founder and CEO, evaluated first-grade options for their daughter—”looking at schools both here [in New York City] and on the West Coast,. Read more...

How To Prepare For The Nuclear Bomb That Will Hit Flexible Offices

Great interview with Regus own Mark Dixon on how to survive in this industry.
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DIGITALLOOKMark Dixon pioneered the flexible workspace sector when he founded Regus in 1989, and he and his company (now called IWG) have come through three major financial crises in western. Read more...

How Cryptocurrency Will Usher in the Gig Economy 2.0

Five changes cryptocurrencies are bringing to the new gig economy
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The growth of the gig economy – a labor market represented by a succession of short-term contract opportunities as opposed to a traditional, structured job – has largely been fueled by. Read more...