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  • Alliance Office Strategies

    Alliance Office Strategies

    Alliance Office Strategies, Inc. is an executive suite management company that focuses on assisting property owners achieve maximum value for their real estate investments by turning around empty space into executive suite properties, as well as by managing the executive suites.

  • OfficeRnD


    OfficeRnD helps flexible workspaces deliver sustainable growth to their business by automating billing, payments, meeting room bookings, contracts, and more. It also offers real-time reports of revenue, occupancy, and utilization and has great multi-location management capabilities. Packed with white-labeled mobile apps that offer convenience to members and improve engagement.

  • technologywithin


    technologywithin IT-enable buildings. We provide WiFi, superfast internet and workspace management software to over 15,000 clients in the flexible workspace, co-working, hospitality and CRE industries. We create bespoke solutions for every building, from design through to day-to-day support, allowing operators and landlords to focus on running their business. Whatever your workspace, our technology is there to enhance your working environment.



    MorningStar Software offers tracking of marketing and sales information, integrated invoicing, scheduling, integrated billing, and other services that can help you better manage your workspace center.

  • Satellite Deskworks

    Satellite Deskworks

    Deskworks offers automated software that helps to easily manage and build coworking spaces, executive suites, and business centers.

  • UltraSoft Technologies

    UltraSoft Technologies

    The serviced office industry is one of UltraSoft Technologies’ main markets. Their services are categorized into consultancy services, BeSpoke software development, and mobile app development.

  • Mesh Space

    Mesh Space

    Mesh is a comprehensive, fully integrated space management platform that was designed & built by a consortium of the leading workspace providers in APAC.

  • Cobot


    Cobot is a web-based coworking management application that eases the everyday administrative tasks of a flexible workspace.

  • Bisner


    Bisner supports coworking community management via a single platform that helps manage your community and encourages member interaction.

  • Cowork.io


    CoWork.io is a white label tool that allows operators to create an e-commerce platform fully integrated in their own website. Members can access real-time availability of coworking spaces at anytime.

  • Habu


    Habu is a single stop workspace management tool that helps keep tabs of memberships, bookings, billing, and more.

  • Office Principles

    Office Principles

    Office Principles is the UK's leading interior design consultancy, specializing in office refurbishment, commercial fit out and corporate furniture systems.

  • Essensys


    Essensys is the leading provider of mission-critical software for the flexible workspace industry. Ambitious, multi-site operators rely on our software-enabled infrastructure and workspace management platform to scale and grow rapidly. Our on-demand marketplace helps generate additional revenue streams while providing a truly tech-driven, digitally enabled experience for members.

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