Platform and software options that can help you better manage your workspace through tech and communication solutions.
  • essensys


    Essensys is a cloud company that offers IT automation and orchestration through their self-service interface JEFF, which helps manage and monitor infrastructure, platforms, apps, and services.

  • Penzias


    Penzias provides a cloud-based communications service across Europe. Their product packages include broadband data, telephony, ICT features, WIFI, fixed Internet Access, and a state of the art IP Phone.

  • WUN Systems

    WUN Systems

    WUN Systems is a provider of Workspace Technology delivering tools needed to grow a connected and smart workplace. WUN is an Inc. 5000 listed company and its products are designed to empower workspaces to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and build community. Contact them at: [email protected]

  • Anytime Mailbox

    Anytime Mailbox

    Anytime Mailbox allows businesses to check new mail online and forward packages right from their smartphone via a private labeled, cloud-based application.

  • Meeting Hub

    Meeting Hub

    Meeting Hub is a turn-key, cloud based meeting & conference room booking system designed for flexible workspace providers which easily integrates with your existing website allowing you to convert web visitors into paying customers. Our software is branded with your logo and includes full payment processing.



    CDR-Data offers two different services, eCDR® – which helps manage and allocate telecommunications expenses – and eBill-Back® – which offers a telecommunications billing system for business centers, and shared-tenant environments.

  • Evo Technologies

    Evo Technologies

    Evo Technologies offers software applications and technology solutions. Their products currently include computer telephony solutions, POS applications, and data management software.

  • OffOps


    OffOps offers community, sales and marketing, and operations services. Their platform allows users to reserve rooms, make and receive payments, renew leases, host the platform on the cloud or on-premises, create and manage reports, among other services.

  • VSGi


    Visual Systems Group, Inc. specializes in AV Integration, Video Conferencing, Cloud Services, and Collaboration Solutions (VSGi)

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