Platform and software options that can help you better manage your workspace through tech and communication solutions.
  • essensys


    Essensys is a cloud company that offers IT automation and orchestration through their self-service interface JEFF, which helps manage and monitor infrastructure, platforms, apps, and services.

  • OfficeRnD


    OfficeRnD helps flexible workspaces deliver sustainable growth to their business by automating billing, payments, meeting room bookings, contracts, and more. It also offers real-time reports of revenue, occupancy, and utilization and has great multi-location management capabilities. Packed with white-labeled mobile apps that offer convenience to members and improve engagement.

  • Anytime Mailbox

    Anytime Mailbox

    Anytime Mailbox allows businesses to check new mail online and forward packages right from their smartphone via a private labeled, cloud-based application.



    CDR-Data offers two different services, eCDR® – which helps manage and allocate telecommunications expenses – and eBill-Back® – which offers a telecommunications billing system for business centers, and shared-tenant environments.

  • Evo Technologies

    Evo Technologies

    Evo Technologies offers software applications and technology solutions. Their products currently include computer telephony solutions, POS applications, and data management software.

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