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3 Technologies That Will Greatly Impact The Workplace By 2020

IoT, machine learning (big data) and automation are just 3 technologies that are shaping the future of work. They are influencing the transition of the modern workplace by supporting the reorganization of working practices and the “liberation” of creative skills.

November 29, 2018

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What Jobs Would You Delegate To A Robot?

63% of UK workers would delegate certain tasks to a robot Data entry and attending meetings are unpopular tasks workers…

August 28, 2018

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The Young Collaborators: How to Create the Right Working Conditions for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Mark Furness, Founder and CEO of essensys, explains why it takes more than just short-lease terms to attract millennial talent to your flexible workspace.

July 7, 2016

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Workspace Plc - Vgreet

London Business Centre Group Trials Virtual Assistant

Vgreet is a ‘virtual receptionist’ that’s popping up in London business centres.

July 14, 2015

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NAO Robot (Aldebaran Robotics)

Will Robots Staff Your Business Centre?

From robo-ceptionists to humanoid carers, technology should not necessarily be seen as a threat.

June 11, 2015

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