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Future Of Work: If Work From Anywhere Is The Future, What Does This Mean For Office Location?

While city centers and CBDs have traditionally been prized locations, all this could be about to change. Following the pandemic, it’s likely that the future of work will be a hybrid blend of work from home and work from anywhere.

July 3, 2020

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Coworking And Flexible Workspaces Poised For Big Uptick Post-COVID [Long Read]

In a k. talks webinar, Ryan Simonetti (Convene), Tim Rowe (Cambridge Innovation Center), Liz Elam (GCUC) and Knoll’s Kylie Roth discuss the next phase of the COVID-19 recovery and the future of work.

June 22, 2020

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Future Of Work: How Remote Work Policies Drive Inclusion And Diversity In The Workplace

Progress in diversity and inclusion has been slow. It is not a one-off initiative that organizations can tick off their to-do list, but an ongoing journey. Here’s how a flexible work policy can help companies create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

June 19, 2020

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71% Of Remote Workers Plan To Return To Coworking

According to new research on coworking and remote work, more than 71% of workers who used coworking prior to the pandemic plan to return to it. Remote work is also faring well, with most people enjoying a flexible schedule along with cost savings and improved productivity.

June 15, 2020

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Newable Research: Businesses To Adopt Flexible Hybrid Working Styles

Newable, which operates a number of flexible office brands, has undertaken a survey of 1,000 UK business owners. The results suggest that we may see a ‘flight to flexibility’ – with companies shifting to hybrid working styles.

June 12, 2020

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How Traditional Industries Are Adapting To Remote Work

The current situation is creating new opportunities and solutions for flexible work. These businesses are adapting to the change, which is widening the available talent pool and enabling jobseekers to consider new roles across the country, unhindered by location.

June 4, 2020

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What’s On Our Remote Working Reading List?

As we come to terms with the ‘new normal’, there is a huge collective shift in business thinking. This collection of books and podcasts offer useful tips and guidance for remote work, moving forward.

June 1, 2020

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Future Of Work: The Office Isn’t Dead, And Never Will Be

New research finds that employees are enjoying their new-found flexibility and ability to work remotely — but they are missing in-person collaboration. The office is deemed a “critical place” for meaningful connections, meetings and chance encounters with coworkers, which cannot be replicated online.

May 29, 2020

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Covid-19 Just Accelerated What Was Already Happening [Long Read]

We can learn a lot about the evolving future of work by understanding the changing work dynamics of the past. Remote work was already happening, but change was slow. Enter 2020 and a global health crisis, and suddenly a trend that should have been decades away is happening now. Robert Kropp takes a long hard look at the remote work tipping point and examines how it will permanently change the way we work.

May 28, 2020

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Virtual Office Validation: Why It’s Time For Some Office Space Providers To Finally Catch Up

Due to physical distancing measures, the idea and reality of home working has exploded, alongside a sharp rise in sales of virtual offices. According to Simeon Howard of Your City Office, the current flight to the virtual office will come to represent a ‘new normal’ in the business world — and one office providers should strategise towards right now.

April 29, 2020

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4 Effective Strategies To Keep Company Culture Alive Outside Workplace Walls

Leaders are finding creative ways to nurture and strengthen their company culture while teams work remotely. Above all, speak to your team. Keep up regular communication and work with your employees to help them stay connected to the company, the work they do, and their colleagues.

April 16, 2020

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How To Lead A Remote Team Effectively, According To The Experts

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing teams to work remotely, causing fresh challenges for managers. Allwork.Space attended a webinar by Help Scout, a remote help desk software company, and identified 6 top takeaways.

April 9, 2020

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Don’t Be An Online Tool – 11 Top Virtual Meeting Etiquette Rules

As the world works from home, we’re all relying on virtual meetings to keep our teams and coworking spaces connected. However, things can, and do, go wrong. Here are 11 tips to help you stay professional and productive during your virtual meetings.

April 7, 2020

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COVID-19: When Working From Home Is Not Working For You

The health crisis is forcing people to work from home and many are struggling to stay motivated. Sound familiar? Ceci Amador from Allwork.Space has been working remotely for years. Here, she shares her own tips on how to stay motivated when working from home.

April 6, 2020

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Will COVID-19 Mark The End Of Coworking As We Know It?

Once COVID-19 quarantines are over, many people will gladly return to the workplace – but will they still be willing to share amenities, and share space? The anxiety caused by the global health crisis will take some time to wear off, and in the meantime, we will likely see increased demand for private offices.

March 31, 2020

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