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How Flexible Working Policies Can Improve Workplace Wellness

According to new research, workplace flexibility has a significant impact on employee wellness. Flexibility can reduce common barriers to being well by improving the structure of the working day, which gives workers greater freedom to practice self-care, and to take care of others.

April 1, 2019

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How To Address Mental Health In The Workplace

With global rates of depression and anxiety rising, wellness is now one of the biggest focal points of the workplace, but there is still much that companies and brands can do to take care of their people. Here are some of the ways to address mental health concerns in the workplace.

March 25, 2019

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4 Ways To Combat Back Pain As A Remote Worker

Got back pain? There’s an app for that!

March 22, 2019

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These Statistics Prove That Wellness Improves The Workplace Experience

We humans spend most of our time in the built environment, and the workplace has a massive impact on our physical and mental health. These statistics prove that wellbeing initiatives can improve the workplace experience and dramatically improve workers’ physical and mental health.

March 18, 2019

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Healthier Workplaces: How ‘Active Sitting’ Improves Wellness At Work

The problem with sedentary work isn’t necessarily the fact that people sit — it’s how they sit. This is where active seating options — which encourage small, light movements to improve physical and mental health — can help. Here’s how it works.

March 11, 2019

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Gensler: “Designing For The Human Experience Is The Future Of Design”

Gensler’s design forecast, ‘Shaping the Future of Cities’, reinforces the idea that the future of work is all about the human experience. Here are the 6 main trends that will influence the future of workplace design, according to Gensler.

November 2, 2018

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Schiavello - Kayt Cabana

How Intelligent Furniture Creates Both Quiet and Collaborative Spaces

A new range of “intelligent” office furniture allows operators to create spaces for different working requirements and office personalities.

July 8, 2015

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Move more at work (Startup Stock Photos)

Treadmill Desks Can Lower Productivity. But…

“However you do it, the point is to just get off your rear end.”

July 1, 2015

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Sociable workspace

Social Side of Work May Soon be the Sole Reason for Office Buildings

Socialising, movement, and innovation are intrinsically bound. Is this a recipe for future workspaces?

May 1, 2015

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RAAAF - Barbara Visser predicts the end of sitting

Going Beyond Standing Desks: Are We Headed for This?

The business center of the future could become a lot healthier, if this angular new vision is realized.

January 12, 2015

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What Office Workers REALLY Get Up To During the Working Week

A new study of London office workers turned up some intriguing lifestyle habits.

December 9, 2014

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Online Reality Wants to Know About Your Office Chair!

How comfortable is your office chair? Complete this survey and enter a prize draw to win a new one!

October 14, 2014

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Designing workspace for mental health (photo: Brandon Stengel)

Workspaces and Mental Health: Everyone’s Concern

Is your office design hostile to your employees’ mental health?

June 3, 2014

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