Israel’s first female-oriented coworking space offers women a pedestal

Panthera, Israel’s first women-centric coworking space, literally translates to ‘female panther’ in Hebrew. Galit Ana Ben Simhon, Panthera’s co-founder and CEO, said that it is a space where “women seek a dialogue, while men often opt for a monologue.”

The Tel Aviv space is 1,000 square meters laden with contemporary art and panther statues and offers women entrepreneurs a multitude of services and networking opportunities. Panthera also hosts cultural events, lectures, and business courses.

The female-oriented coworking model has grown in popularity as the feminist movement has resurged in a huge way. Spaces such as New York-based The Wing and many others offer similar services seen at Panthera.

According to a December 2018 report by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, women in Israel earn only 69% of average monthly male salaries as of 2017.

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“The situation is worse for women. From the get-go we arrive at a male-dominant world, run according to male conduct and values,” said Ben Simhon. “When the feminist revolution happened, what it did is to add on a job.”

IVC Research also reported that women account for only 7% of founder and co-founders among Israeli startups between 2000 and 2017.

Panthera hopes to support women in their professional endeavors and create a network that pushes them to foster successful businesses according to Ben Simhon.

Aayat Ali

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